R’ Ovadia: Ashkenazim Should Vote Shas Too to Show Hakoras Hatov


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Maran HaGaon HaRav Ovadia Yosef Shlita during his Monday morning 10 Shevat 5773 shiur spoke of the “gezeira to draft Bnei Torah”. The Gadol Hador called on the Ashkenazi tzibur to vote Shas too to show hakoras hatov.

The rav spoke of the obligation to vote for Shas, stating “morai v’rabbosai, I am troubled. My heart aches over the bad thoughts chilonim have about us, the haters of Torah. They wish to draft Bnei Torah, those who study Torah day and night and give nachas ruach to HKBH. I am troubled over this. Who will learn Torah? Who will keep the world going?…”

The rav stressed Shas is not about cabinet seats. “How can we remain silent as such a time? We must act as one and vote Shas to strengthen the Torah, to strengthen Yahadut. This movement was established to strengthen Torah, not for [cabinet] seats.”

The rav continued and launched another attack against Bayit HaYehudi. He spoke of “confused people, for example Bayit HaYehudi. I am sorry to say Bayit Yehudi is not a Bayit Yehudi. Their MKs announce they want public transportation on Shabbos. What kind of Bayit Yehudi. .Your bayit is Shas.”

The rav concluded by calling upon the Ashkenazi tzibur to vote for Shas to show hakoras hatov for the many apartments they received from the Ministry of Housing, which is run by a Shas minister. “It is not an Ashkenazi Sephardi thing, we have one Torah and we must strengthen the Torah.”

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Also since Shas takes strong stands on other issues rather than justg trading its supports for patronage (not that Shas passes up patronage, but at least they are more than that).

    In fact, there is really no reason for separate parties except that the Ashkenazi frum politicians would end up playing “second fiddle” to the larger and more vibrant Sefardi politicians.

  2. Shas would go balistic if somonw would say that safaradim should vote for somone else, why can’t they run a clean campaign??? Imagine the gerrer rabbe saying safardim have to votew gimmel as hakaros hatov to gafni for running vaad hacsafim

    And what exactly did atias do that help us buying appartments?? Helped proces go up???

  3. There you go – that last paragraph says it all! The chareidi parties can only point to one thing that they accomplish for their society – they get money for their cheaper housing, yeshivas and avreichim. They couldn’t care less about the safety and security of the Jewish people. They’ll be happy to support pull outs from Gaza or any other area of Israel… not for peace (b/c we all know that we won’t get peace by giving in to terrorists) but they support our giving up on Eretz Yisrael simply to get money… and that’s the reality!

    I know, as always, some of you will spout over on how it’s their learning & davening that really protects us. To that I say, there are many people learning & davening here, not just chareidim. Secondly, If the chareidi movement truly believed in the unity of the Jewish people and that their learning / davening was what protects our soldiers and our country… well, then – where were the protests and gatherings and learning sessions and prayers for our people when Gaza was being given away for NOTHING!?!? We got no peace or safety, only more missiles and attacks on our Jewish people! Where were the all night learning sessions during the wars l’zchut our soldiers who were fighting our true enemy? Where were the chareidi politicians who get so much treif money from the “treif medinah?”

  4. Glad to hear from RBS.Jew, you are opening a true, accurate and honest perspective that is unknown & spoken little about in this cyberworld. Just be aware there is a limited amount of openness for ideas here.