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PM Netanyahu Sends Letter to Pope Benedict XVI

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, today (Monday, 18 February 2013), sent the following letter to Pope Benedict XVI:

“Your Holiness,

On behalf of the people of Israel, I want to thank you for all you have done as Pope to strengthen relations between Christians and Jews and between the Vatican and the Jewish State. I thank you also for courageously defending Judeo-Christian values and the roots of our common civilization during your time as pontiff. I have no doubt that these values, which were so essential to building the modern world, are no less critical to securing a future of security, prosperity and peace.

Your historic visit to Israel in 2009 offered a rare opportunity to give expression to the new relations between our faiths. I remember fondly our meeting, in which you referred to Judaism as Christianity’s elder brother and in which you reaffirmed your commitment to a cooperative future between Christians and Jews.

I thank you for your leadership during these very turbulent times, and wish you long life, health and happiness.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. One wonders if Bibi also thanked the pope for accepting the free gift of “the Russian Compound” a large piece of real estate in the center of Jerusalem that Shimon Perez is responsible for giving away to the poop, for free. No one says that the real estate given away was Shimon’s to give away, he just did it. And no one even asks why he wanted to give that away and tries to give away more of what he doesn’t own to this very day . . . . . Previously he tried without success to give away a large chunk of The Jewish Quarter of the Old City. Much of the failure of that effort of his was due to the Goldsteins who run the yeshiva there making a large hue and cry about it, in public.

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