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Los Angeles: Kehilla Kosher Statement Regarding Doheny Meat Scandal

kehThe following is the only official statement released by the “Kehillah Kosher” Kashrus agency in Los ANgeles, regarding the Doheny meat scandal, reported extensively on YWN.

It should be noted that Doheny Meats was not under Kehillah Kosher certification, but under the RCC.

28 Nissan 5773 / April 8, 2013

As to the recent development involving Doheny Meats, Kehilla has not made any official statement or has Kehilla authorized the publication of any position regarding whether or not there is a halachik need to kasher utensils in private homes, at business establishments or at catering establishments.

Moshe Zyskind
Chairman of the Board

Ahrohom Teichman
Rav Hamachshir


(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

9 Responses

  1. This is getting confusing! Rabbonim who are on the Rabbinic board of Kehillah were reported as coming out of a meeting with a unified psak that there is no requirement to kasher keilim, and now we hear there is no official psak? What difference does that make? Nobody needs official statements. We need halachic clarity. Rabbanim Chashuvim, please come together with achdus and clarify this officially – for the sake of the KEHILLAH (Kosher) of (RC)CALIFORNIA!

  2. To No. 4

    The point of the Kehillah statement is that for now, they are not endorsing the RCC’s whitewash of this whole fiasco and accepting a psak from the new owner’s shver (a Rav from the East Coast who is a kashruth consultant) that all the meat sold prior to yom tov was “OK” and there was no need to kasher kitchens/toiyvel utensils because of possible treifus contamination. Since they provide hashgacha to restaurants and catering firms that may have purchased meat from Doheny, there is an issue if those facilities now need to kasher/toiyvel everything (a huge expense). For now, they are taking no position until they take a position. Stay tuned. This story seems to have legs.

  3. #2 – This statement is in response to what was previously reported INCORRECTLY.

    The RCC must deal with the issue at hand and stop trying to distract everyone by bringing Kehilla into the fray. If they are so sure of their psak, why are they looking to Kehilla for validation???

    All of us in the LA community know that Rabbi Teichman is a Yorei Shamayim who is known as the gold standard in Kashrus for decades. Let’s hope the truth comes out quickly and with minimal damage to the klal.

  4. 4. Perhaps the “point” of their statement was, despite the rabbonim on their Rabbinic Board who were listed on the “why kashering wasn’t necessary” letter, those Rabbis when on that letter, were on there in their position of Shul Rabbonim in LA and chV not part of Khilla.

    Just a guess.

  5. WHY hasn’t yeshiva world reported on the 3 years worth of complaints about Doheny meats that were ignored or dismissed by the RCC?

    Also, The private investigator uncovered printing plates to print false kosher labels.He claims that both of these are in possession.


    Get on it, Yeshiva World!

    Moderators Response: Get on what? Do you mean THIS YWN article, or THIS YWN article?

    Use the search box, and enter Doheny Meat to read all the YWN coverage – GET ON IT….

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