Wave Of Burglaries Continues To Hit Sullivan County


scsdA recent increase in burglaries in the hamlet of Harris has prompted Sullivan County Sheriff Michael Schiff to ask residents to remain vigilant and partner with law enforcement to alert them if they see anything suspicious in their neighborhoods.

Schiff said it is becoming difficult for his deputies to keep up with all of the crime due to depleted levels of manpower in the patrol division. “We are working closely with the State Police and other agencies in an attempted to stretch our resources, but it is becoming increasingly hard to keep up the pace.”

The sheriff pointed to three recent incidents – two in the Town of Thompson and one in the Town of Liberty – where homes were broken into and jewelry was taken in each crime. In one burglary, at 124 Harris Road in Thompson, a 12 gauge shotgun, a .22 caliber rifle and a sword were stolen.

Schiff said anyone who observes suspicious activity should get a good description, a license plate number and take a picture with their cell phone if possible.

Anyone with information on any of the previous burglaries is asked to call the sheriff’s confidential TIPS line at 845-807-0158. You are not required to leave your name, but if you do so, a detective will call you back.

(Source: MidHudsonNews.com)