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Rav Yosef Gicksberg Refuses to be Ousted from his Office

givGivatayim Chief Rabbi Yosef Glicksberg, 80, is waging a battle to remain in his post. Officials decided to inform the rav that he is too old to continue serving as the city’s chief rabbi, instructing him to pack up his office and retire in line with the law. The rav however does not agree, and he feels that he is more than capable to continue serving the city as he has since the 1960s. He was officially appointed as the city’s chief rabbis in the 1970s, before the state regulations governing the post, which were established in 1974.

The rav arrived at work to find his personal items were removed and his office was locked. Undeterred, he set up shot in the hallway, where he continues in his post as best as the situation permits. Officials in the local religious council appear determined to compel the rav to retire.

The rav sent an opinion paper to the Ministry of Religious Services in which he explains that since he began serving before the official regulations were implemented in 1974, they do not apply to him. Therefore he does not believe that he is compelled to retire.

Officials in the ministry report the law compels the rav to step down, to retire. His opinion paper in which he feels he is not bound by the law is being examined by ministry legal experts.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. Retirement is a hard pill to swallow.
    At certain ages the ability to lead, organize and direct are in a state of diminishing returns. Especially Klei Kodesh find this most difficult step to believe..

  2. #1: I’m sure Moshe Rabbeinu and Rabbi Akiva, at 120, and Aharon haKohen, at 123, found the pill very hard to swallow.

  3. To No.2

    To quote another famous leader of the klal:

    “I knew Moshe Rabenum,Rav Akiva and Aharon hakOhen…..Rav Glicksburg, with all due respect, is no Moshe Rabenu, Rav Akiva or Aharon haKahen….”

    The position he holds is an administrative/political patronage job and not well suited for geriatric rabbonim. There has to be some cutoff date and this guy is defintely pass prime time. No one told Rav Elyahsiv, Z’tl to retire at 80, 90 or even 100 years old. Rav Yosef is no youngster either but their jobs are differnet from that of a chief rav for a city or municipality.

  4. #2 Yeah and Noah in his 6th Century.

    There have been Gedolim who are not invited to address Torah Umesorah, Agudah, etc. organizations after a certain age. Do you have any idea yet? Age, cognitive abilities, memory lapses,,,, are you at all connected to any older family people?????

  5. Till the early ’70’s chief rabbi positions were for life.

    Goren finagled the change for his own ambitions.

    The gov’t gets around it ,for anyone that suits them.

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