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Disgraced Eliot Spitzer Sneaks Into NYC’s Comptroller Race

spitzer.jpgJust when we all thought the race has settled down, former disgraced NY Governor, famously known as client 9, sneaked into the race for comptroller of New York City.

Following Anthony Weiner’s footsteps, in an interview with the NY Times, Eliot Spitzer announced plans L to run for city comptroller years after he resigned the governor’s office amid a scandal.

“I’m hopeful there will be forgiveness, I am asking for it,” he told the Times by telephone.

“The metaphor is what I did with the attorney general’s office,” he said on Sunday night. “It is ripe for greater and more exciting use of the office’s jurisdiction.”

Entering late in the game, Mr. Spitzer said that he would pay for his campaign out of his own fortune, forgoing the city’s public financing system.

With 4 days to go until the petition gathering deadline, Mr. Spitzer told the Times he plans to flood the streets and supermarkets with some 100 signature gatherers starting Monday. “I am going to be on the street corners,” he said. “We will be out across the city.”

Mr. Spitzer’s entry, as Anthony Weiner’s entry in late May, promises a vibrant challenge in a sleepy race that seemed locked in for former Manhattan Borough president, Scott Stringer.

(Jacob Kornbluh – YWN)

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  1. Mi kamocha New York??

    Imagine a new executive team replacing Reb Bloomberg headed by two such ehrliche yidden as Weiner and Spitzer with a married Gay city council president? Who would have imagined such a fairy tale story??

  2. Sorry yaakov. Our “community” has a single moral code? I’m sure as long as ezra friedlander pushes certain chassidishe groups to back him he will get certain kickbacks and be able to handle the jewish aspects of elliot spitzers presidential campaign.

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