HaGaon HaRav Shteinman’s Concerns Regarding Bein Hazmanim


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shtIn keeping with his annual erev Tisha B’Av minhag, HaGaon HaRav Aaron Yehuda Leib Shteinman Shlita visited Bnei Brak’s Yeshivas Heichal Tuvia on Rashi Street. The Gadol Hador tested talmidim on their limud.

After testing the talmidim the Gadol Hador delivered words of hisorarus, urging bnei Torah not to head out on trips and outings to dangerous places even if one’s parents accompany them. The rav explained that some believe during bein hazmanim everything is permitted when this is simply not so. “Every year tragedy befalls us R”L.”

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. One could suffer a major organ failure, c”v, while sitting behind his shtender, but the odds of breaking a leg on the sidewalk outside the yeshiva building are greater. Climb a mountain, and the odds of incurring an injury or worse, increase yet again. Few who have never learned seriously for an entire z’man realize the difficulty of sitting still for long periods. Not everyone who does learn is a natural masmid like the Chofetz Chaim. They need a physical renewal that only comes from outdoor exercise. The Gadol HaDor is, of course, correct about the mistaken belief that everything is permitted during Bein Hazmanim, but not every bochur in the beis medrash will ever become a Rav Shteinman Shlita.

  2. Hiddush? This sounds like something that Roshei yeshivot have been saying ever since “vacations” were invented.

    Now if a Rosh Yeshiva said the talmidim should go out on Bein ha-Zmanim have have fun, waste time, get into mischief and break their necks – that would be newsworthy. That would also indicate it was Purim.

  3. Can anyone tell me who will protect E”Y if many bnei Torah will be on vacation bein hazmanim?

    No one has EVER answered my question which I have posed numerous times. If even every 18 to 21 year old is drafted (which they won’t be), why won’t all those who are older or younger than that provide protection for E”Y? Doesn’t THEIR learning count for anything?

  4. #4- The discussion is about vacation activities, not the war.

    P.S. Conscription is not about protecting the state of Israel from its enemies. The army has more than enough soldiers, and in fact wants to reduce the number by an amount greater than the maximum number of yeshiva students to be drafted – and reduce means telling career soldiers to go look for a real job and forget about their pensions. In fact, the Minister and CHief of Staff want to get rid of all but the best and most highly motivated types. The issue is the hilonim want to reduce the number of hareidim, and see this as a way to accomplish this, even if doing so undermines the defense of the medinah.

  5. #5- I need not remind you of the dozens of posters here who continually claim that only the people in yeshivos can protect E”Y and that if they are drafted, there will be NOTHING to protect E”Y.

    To you I say (as I have many times) anyone who is truly frum (such as my dozens of nephews and cousins) will not have his frumkeit affected by his army service. Anyone who has come out less frum, you can be sure that his commitment was shaky, at best.

  6. #5
    Excellent points. Hilonim see Charedim as a cheaper source of military labor. May it be Hashem’s will that not only the military will become Torah observant but the government as well.