Yaakov Eichler Files a Police Complaint Against Egged Spokesman


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egednnChareidi journalist Yaakov Eichler is angered over statements released by Egged spokesman Ron Ratner, so much so that he decided to file a complaint with police. According to Eichler, Ratner’s statements on the radio were nothing less than racist incitement against the chareidi tzibur.

During an interview on Galei Yisrael Radio, Ratner stated that over the past 18 months there appears to have been a growing trend, an increase in the number of passengers who do not pay for bus rides. He stated that while this trend is not sector wide, there is an alarming number of people who do not pay and this is found on lines servicing the chareidi tzibur around the county.

Ratner’s interview was the result of the new Egged ad campaign directed at the chareidi community, instructing passengers that they must pay just as one must pay for a Shabbos challah that one takes from a store, as was reported by YWN-ISRAEL.

Eichler was angered over the fact that during his interview, Ratner stated a number of times that “a substantial number” of chareidim do not pay. He cites that in one case quoted by Ratner, 27 of 51 riders on a bus did not pay the fare, adding this was not an isolated incident but a nationwide problem experienced by the bus company on lines that service the chareidi public.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Eichler should stop Egged’s monopoly or at least THREATEN them that charedim will make their own PRIVATE BUSES you’ll see what good boys they’ll once again be. They’ll service the charedi public without their racists comments of not paying – which is NOT TRUE unless they’re referring to Motzei Shabbat which most people don’t realize that it’s not free – and they’ll once again permit gender segregation.

    Several years ago charedim started their own private buses but the court ruled that in Israel CHAREDIM MAY NOT TAKE AWAY EGGED’S MONOPOLY. Another example of Israel’s “democracy”!

  2. Oh is that so? and i guess you know all the facts!? What’s about “the anger and blame should be on your mother for bringing down such hateful idiot like you?!