HATE IN BELLE HARBOR (QUEENS): Swastikas & White Supremacist Messages Found On Beach


Hate struck again in New York City, this time in Queens.

The attached images were found on the beach in Belle Harbor, on Monday morning, in the vicinity of Beach 138th Street.

Hateful messages were scrawled into the sand on the beach.

Some images had swastikas and expletives directed towards Jews. Others had clear references to white supremacists, including “White pride” and another message said “14/88”.

The NYPD is investigating.

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  1. This is terrible. Forget about the DOE harassing us. Forget about the drownings. Forget about the shidduch crisis. We must gather together and storm shomayim in teffila about this writing in the sand incident on a private beach. An Atzeres is in order. How can we as a kllal possibly go on with our lives after this???

  2. > KShomron

    “”But I gave you a homeland. What do you want from Me?””
    How many jew were killed in Israel in the past 50 years? and how many Jews were killed in America in the past 50 years?
    A Swastikas on beach sand does not scare me enough that I should go to a place where rockets and terror attacks are the norms…