Council Member Stephen Levin Commends Effort To End Measles Outbreak In Williamsburg & Borough Park


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measCouncil Member Stephen Levin is thanking pediatricians, community leaders, and the New York City Department of Health for their efforts to put an end to the measles outbreak in Williamsburg and Borough Park. The Health Department announced the end of the outbreak – the largest in the United States since 2000 – this afternoon. Levin had previously met with representatives from the Department of Health, United Jewish Organizations of Williamsburg, and local yeshivas to discuss the recent measles outbreak in Williamsburg and strategies on how to contain it.

Levin said, “I want to thank all of the pediatricians, community leaders, and the Department of Health for their diligence in ensuring that the outbreak would be contained. Their work to educate the community about the importance of vaccinations ensured that the outbreak would be ended quickly and that the health of our communities would not be endangered any longer.”

Levin also reiterated the importance to receive vaccinations post-outbreak, “I strongly encourage every New Yorker to make sure every member of their family is vaccinated.”

(YWN Desk – NYC)


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