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Abbas: Borders First – Then the Other Issues

abasnIsrael’s team leader in talks with the PA (Palestinian Authority) in Washington, Justice Minister Tzipi Livni returned home on Wednesday, 24 Menachem Av 5773. Livni was instructed to return to vote with the coalition in the Governance Bill vote.

She used the opportunity to address remarks from right-wing coalition members. “Contrary to all the bleak predictions that as soon as we enter the room the talks will explode, it is did occur and I remain encouraged. I know that I have coalition partners that are uninterested in an agreement but they too sanctioned the resumption of talks and as such, they have a collective responsibility.”

Livni refused to detail how they will address core issues, but most believe subcommittees will be formed to address the core issues which include security, borders, settlement blocs and isolated settlements (yishuvim).

However, PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) sees things a tad differently. Speaking with the Saudi press on Wednesday, the PA leader stated that PA will insist on addressing permanent borders and security before all else, and only after recuing agreement on these two paramount issues will they agree to discuss the other matters on the table.

Readers are reminded that the PA leader often says one thing when interviewed in the Western media but releases contradictory statements when speaking with the Arab press.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. “permanent borders and security” that is very different than the title only permanent borders. Aren’t those 2 things the whole issue?

  2. The whole issue? what about return of millions of Arab refugees? Recognition of Israel as a Jewish country? Demilitarized borders?

  3. They are wasting their time since neither side will give up their claims to the whole of Eretz Yisrael, meaning they should be talking about a one-state solution (presumably that means two autonomous communities in partnership rather than one state with a ruling group and a group that is ruled). They will never stop dreaming about Yafo and Haifa, not to mention al Quds, and we will never stop dreaming about Yehudah and Shomron not to mention Jerusalem.

    The only alternative to war is to try to live in peace with each other. That isn’t so hard for religious Jews, even religious zionists (for whom living in the land and doing mitsvos is more important than running the government), but is impossible for the hilonim who insist on being the boss and have a serious disdain for any sort of traditional religious culture (peace would mean no gay pride, indecent exposure laws, and not being to lord over everyone they encounter).

  4. Anon 1000 – no, issues like the the decendents of Arabs who had lived in pre-1967 Israel is a key issue as well.

    an Israeli Yid

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