Ketzaleh: Change Lapid for the Chareidim


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ketzFormer MK Yaakov Katz (Ketzaleh) is calling on Bayit Yehudi leader Naftali Bennett to exchange Yair Lapid and his Yesh Atid party for the chareidim who are now in opposition.

Katz wrote on his Facebook page on erev Shabbos, 10 Elul 5773 “We are reportedly warned of the threats in the framework of an interim agreement [with the PA] concocted by Bibi, Livni, Kerry, and Abu Mazen which chas v’sholom will result in uprooting yishuvim such as Har Bracha, Einav, Shavei Shomron, Elon Moreh, Yitzhar and Itamar.”

“Naftali Bennett erred when he believed the talks conducted by Tzipi Livni would not lead to something. Lessons learned from the past tell us we may not remain in such a government until it is too late.”

He then continues, instructing Bennett to get rid of Yesh Atid with its 19 seats and replace the party with the chareidim which have a combined 18 seats.

He also advises Bennett to insist on being an integral part of the negotiations as is Livni, thereby permitting him to monitor the talks first hand and prevent such a deal from becoming a reality.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. It’s too late Mr. DL. Now you’ll just have to eat what you sowed. When the Chareidim help Netanyahu pass his peace agreement with the Palestianians, giving them the West BANK and Gaza, you’ll have a taste of your own medicine.

  2. How would putting Shas back in the gov’t help anything? Remember Oslo! Even now, Deri works with Meretz and Labor.

    Lapid may not be good, but atleast he’s not the Chillul Hashem that Shas is. No one expects more from him. He doesn’t claim to represent Torah. He’s also not calling Jews goyim and Amalek.

  3. Good plan Katzela,
    EXCEPT not convinced that the peace process, relinquishing cities (even Betar & Kiryat Sefer) is on the paramount agenda of UTJ or Shas parties. So instead, we need to increase tefillah, good deeds and limud hatorah to hashem above.

  4. Shas did oslo, arye deri is allot more left wing then eli yishai.
    degel did gaza. one of them just said afew days ago he would agree to withdraw from WB.
    The chareidim are no better.

  5. Yaakov Katz is bestowing excellent advice to Naftoli Bennett, and this may well be Naftoli’s very last chance to save his own skin, so Naftoli:- Go for Yaakov Katz’s advice.

  6. #1 Except for the residents of Betar and Kiryat Sefer that will not take the news of an explusion too happily when it’s their city….and they were main voters of UTJ…

  7. As others have noted, there’s absolutely no guarantee that the Chareidi parties would be more right-wing than Yesh Atid. They’ve shown repeatedly that Yesha is not a core issue with them, and Chareid parties have repeatedly sold the DL community’s interests down the river if it was perceived as to the Chreidi parties’ benefit. At least with Yesh Atid you know where you stand; with the Chreidi parties, there are no principles on land for peace, giving up land, etc. – only on getting $$$$ for their people and institutions and defending their draft deferment. They have not yet come to the realization that they are not the Shtadlan working with some European Porutz, but actually have to take some national responsibility.

    an Israeli Yid

  8. anIsraeliGoy#8: The Chareidi parties value life (pikuach nefesh) over land, as Halacha demands. So, absolutely, we will give up any amount of land if it will save even one life.