WORSE TRAGEDY AVERTED: Jersey City Attackers Had MASSIVE Bomb In Their Van


Federal authorities, including the head of the local FBI, gave stunning new details Monday about the hate-filled shooting in Jersey City last month that left three people at a kosher market and a police officer at a nearby cemetery dead.

Authorities said the alleged domestic terrorists in the case, David Anderson and Francine Graham, had a bomb in their van powerful enough to kill or injure people five football fields away, according to NBC4.

It was already known that investigators found a bomb in the couple’s van, but the new information sheds light on just how serious of a threat the device posed to the public. Authorities also said they could have made a second bomb with the amount of materials they had in the van.

Authorities also said they had definitively linked Anderson and Graham to the murder of a livery driver, Michael Rumberger, in Bayonne three days before the shooting.

They also said that the same gun used to kill Rumberger was used to fire a bullet into a moving vehicle driven by a Hasidic man on routes 1 and 9 in the Newark/Elizabeth area on Dec. 3. That man was not hit.

U.S. Attorney Craig Carpenito said authorities believe the murdered officer, Det. Joseph Seals, “threw off a broader plan” by the couple and “probably saved dozens if not more lives.” Officials say he was killed as he approached the couple’s van in a nearby cemetery shortly before the shooting unfolded. The van was being sought in connection with Rumberger’s killing.

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(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Aside from the incredible chesed that HKB”H graced upon us that these terrorists were stopped early, we need to recognize some difficult lessons here.

    The current bail reform law is a disaster, and it needs to be suspended completely until a viable replacement can be fashioned. Quite a few of the incidents that affected the Jewish community involve repeat offenders of violent crime. Yes, knocking off someone’s hat is a violent crime. And if a lawmaker can’t understand that, he (or she) lacks the values to be eligible for public service. It is hypocritical that we condone thought police, that someone who keeps thoughts to himself that can be interpreted as bigotry can be punished, but a street thug that failed to cause serious injury or death qualifies for immediate release and rewards.

    Are we going to buy into the bail issue that “it discriminates against minorities”? That’s because those are the criminals! Sorry, but if we don’t fight violent crime with a serious view on public safety, then we have the ridiculous scene we observe today.