Monday Tefilos in Response to Harsh Gezeiros Against Torah Community


shofar1.jpgRabbanan Gedolei Yisrael Shlita have issued a call for special tefilos today, Monday, 20 Elul 5773 at 14:00 in light of the harsh gezeiros facing the Torah community in Eretz Yisrael.

The tzibur will gather to recite Yud Gimmel Midos and blow shofaros, in a special tefilla/slichos event to be held in the Beit Yitzchak-Prushim Shul in Batei Warsaw in the Meah Shearim area.

Among the gedolim signed on the kol korei is HaRav Reb Meir Halevy Soloveitchik Shlita, who calls for hisorarus in light of ongoing and increasing efforts to stamp out Torah.

Mincha will be at 14:50 along with the recitation of slichos. Organizers call on persons with shofaros to bring them.
(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. They’ve been having these every Monday for a few weeks now, a good idea to go if you can. Even if you can’t, here’s a tefilla about the Misrad HaChinuch:

    רבונו של עולם, אתה בורא ומנהיג לכל הברואים, עשה עושה ויעשה לכל המעשים, ובחכמתך המרובה בראת משרד החנוך כדי לנסות הכשרים אשר בעמך ישראל הקדש ולנסות להסיתם מתורתך ומחקי רצוניך, אבל גלוי וידוע לפניך עד כמה תש כחנו מלעמוד בנסיונות, לכן הנני מבקש ומתחנן לפניך להסיר את הנסיון הזה ולהפר ולבטל כל תחבולותם להדיח ילדי ישראל מדרכיך ולחנכם בדרכי הגוים האבודים, וכל העובדים שם שאפשר להחזירם לתורתך נא ונא לחתור חתירה מתחת כסא כבודך ולחזירם בתשובה שלמה לפניך ולהביא גואל צדק במהרה בימינו אמן.

  2. In Sefer Neviyim, there are countless stories of many Tzadikim. But the actual Pesukim never encounter any of the Tzadikim in middle of the act of learning.
    How could it be that Pesukim that are relating stories of Tzadikim lasting 800 years should never bump into anyone learning?

  3. Maybe because they weren’t learning…both the visual imagry and subsantive reality of all yidden sitting over a shtender learning torah is a relatively recent “creation” or “fabrication” (depending on your mesorah). For thousands of years, from the time of Avrahama Avinu to Moishe Rabenu to David Hamelech through the naviim and rishonim and achronim yidden have been farmers, merchants, soldiers, scientists, etc. while still finding time to balance their lives with limud torah. The concept of all charedi bochurim choosing to be 24×7 “professional learners” is new and without any basis in our history

  4. I’m with gadol hador. Rashi, the Rambam, Rebbe Elazar, Rav Yochanan, the Chofetz Chaim, etc.. all had jobs. The true talmid chacham attempts to provide for his family and his country while learning Torah in his free time. How can the charedi community expect to have influence in Israeli politics when they themselves act above the law. If there were a draft in America charedim would need to join, why is Israel any different?

  5. #5 the chofetz chaim says many times straight out ,that you should have someone support you so you can learn ( you obviously never read any of his seforim – or you would know this). you also might want to read about the dibbuk story that involved the chofetz chaim and rev elchonon wasserman.

    #4 check out the the kesef mishnah (rav yosef cairo ) on rambam hilchos talmud torah 10:3 – apparently torah umnaso is not as new as you think . this is the kessef mishna that everyone tries to pretend doesn’t exist , but is right in front of your face. in short he diagrees with the rambam and says we don’t pasken like him.

    #3 – assuming your statements correct it’s possible they were doing whatever they were doing and learning. rav aharon kutler and rav chaim ozer were able to concentrate on two things at the same time . check out their biographies.

    everyone should check out the kesef mishnah in hichos talmud torah 10:3- it might be the first time yu hear emmes in your life.

  6. “The true talmid chacham attempts to provide for his family and his country while learning Torah in his free time”

    Not rue the chofetz chaim worked to have enough money for that day and then closed shop the average guy nowaddays is working for his kids to be secure as well with a college degree or a parnassah the chofetz chaim did not even see to it that he should be secure for the next day!

  7. yira.

    because it wasnt a chiddush that they were learning/ lrearning was their lives not an extra curricular activity that requires mentioning. should it state he bumped into the navi and the navi was breathing. learning is like breathing

    chazal say that life without chochma for talmidei chachomin “kemisah heim chasuvim” it is like death

  8. To 6
    Isn’t the act of learning a noble act? Why not mention it in any Pesukim? Why isn’t the Beis Hamedrash of Shem V’ever mentioned in any Posuk.

  9. Except that they spent every possible working and living moment thinking in learning while working, something that we cannot do due to yeridos hadroros and work becoming more involved.

    You think Reb Yochanan HaSandler couldn’t have found a job more suited to his intellectual rigour? The tenaim preferred simple jobs that could keep them focused on the essence of life – uvetorosoi yehege yomom velayla and for this reason we’re told to work simple and clean work. The Ovos were full-time shepherds, but chose a job that let them connect to HKBH every second and nurture the care for others that we inherit.

    The modern day workaholic culture needs to be compensated by more full time learners.

    They are supported for the most part by chareidim in chutz lo’oretz – the amount they get from the Israeli government is a pittance by comparison though it used to keep them above poverty line. I will continue to support every mosod in EY financially. It’s just a shame that this massive zechus that secular Israelis previously had is being lost due to politics. And a shame that the obligation on every town to support learners is disappearing due to politics and in-fighting amongst yidden.