IDF To Demolish Home Of Terrorist Who Murdered Rina Shnerb In Dolev Terror Attack


The family of Kassem Shibli, currently on trial for his role in the Dolev terror attack in August that killed 17-year-old Rina Shnerb and wounded her father and brother, was informed by the IDF on Monday that their home will be demolished.

The Shibli family has filed an appeal against the demolition.

Shibli and four other terrorists involved in the attack were captured over four months ago and are currently standing trial in the Judea Military Court at Camp Ofer.

The IDF is waiting for a Supreme Court decision regarding the demolition of the homes of the other terrorists involved in the attack.

During the investigation into the attack that killed Sherb, the Shin Bet not only discovered the terrorists that carried out the Dolev attack but also uncovered a 50-member terrorist cell, members of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), including senior members. Israeli security forces arrested all the members of the cell and seized a large number of weapons.

The terrorist cell was actively planning to carry out additional acts of terror, including kidnappings and shooting attacks. The Shin Bet said that had the cell’s planned attacks been carried out, many fatalities would have occurred.

Furthermore, during the interrogation, security forces uncovered another bomb, which bomb sappers safely detonated. The explosive was found after one of the five terrorists, Samar Arbid, a senior PFLP member, the mastermind behind the attack and the one who prepared and detonated the bomb that killed Shnerb, was tortured by security forces out of an understanding that he was a “a ticking time-bomb.”

Also, overnight on Monday, IDF combat soldiers, Shin Bet, Border Police and Israel Police arrested three wanted suspects of involvement in terrorist activities, nationalist terrorism, and violence against citizens and security forces. The suspects were transferred to security forces for interrogation.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)