Tragedy: Machane Yehudah Shuk Shop Owner Commits Suicide On Background Of COVID-19 Financial Woes


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A longtime owner of a shop in Shuk Machane Yehudah in Jerusalem committed suicide on the background of serious financial pressures due to the coronavirus pandemic restrictions.

On the request of the family, further details of the tragedy are not being published.

Although the Knesset approved a rollback of the coronavirus restrictions, allowing all stores located on the street to re-open, which went into effect on Sunday, the new regulations do not apply to malls or open-air markets.

Earlier on Sunday, a protest by Machane Yehudah Shuk shop owner became violent and a scuffle took place between the police and shop owners.

“I’m shocked and pained by the bitter news from Shuk Machan Yehuda,” wrote Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Lion. “A business owner who couldn’t withstand the financial hardship died. I call to the government to immediately open the shuk. The parnassah of thousands of families is at risk. Every delay can cost a person’s life!”

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(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)