Watch: In Emotional Ceremony, Rabbi Eitan Shnerb Names His New Baby


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A week ago, a baby girl was born to Rabbi Eitan and Shira Shnerb, parents of Rina, hy’d, who was murdered in a terror attack eight months ago at the age of 17.

In an interview after the birth, the Shnerbs said that they would not be naming their new baby after Rina since that would mean they would have two daughters named Rina since they still feel her presence. Rabbi Shnerb even said that he is open to suggestions on what to name her.

On Wednesday, as Israel celebrated Yom Ha’atzmaut under lockdown, Rabbi Shnerb named his baby during an outdoor ceremony. The new baby’s name is Tiferet.

Channel 2 News correspondent Ofer Hadad wrote on Twitter on Wednesday that after he wrote an article on the Shnerbs, he received many messages from people who wanted to be informed what the Shnerbs decided to name their baby.

Therefore, when he received a message from Rabbi Shnerb on Wednesday, he made sure to share it immediately with the public so everyone could know the name.

Rabbi Shnerb wrote: “Tiferet appears in many pessukim in Tanach as part of the description of the geulah of Yisrael. With a tefillah for a geulah shelimah.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)