WATCH: Rejoicing At Dawn: Neitz Minyan Resumes As Kosel Re-Opens


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Israel began implementing the first steps in emerging from its four-week nationwide lockdown on Sunday, including the reopening of the Kosel plaza for a restricted amount of mispallelim in capsules.

During the lockdown, only those who reside within a kilometer of the Kosel were allowed to daven there, including on Chol Hamoed Sukkos, when tens of thousands usually are “oleh l’regel” throughout the Yom Tov. Birchas Kohanim took place with only about 20 participants.

Early Sunday morning, the Gabaiim of Neitz minyanim at the Kosel, who had to daven elsewhere for the past month, showed their joy at being able to resume their regular davening at the Makom HaMikdash.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Good news that they are able to resume the minyan at the Kosel. For those who are knowledgeable, is a plastic face shield (such as worn by the guy on the left side of the video) considered sufficient protection (in lieu of a face mask) under the public health guidelines used in EY?