Mayor Dinkins In Cold Endorsement: Bill de Blasio “Has Never Run Anything Before”


dinkins.jpg[AUDIO IN EXTENDED ARTICLE] Former Mayor David Dinkins offered Monday a sort of cold endorsement of the Democratic nominee for Mayor, Bill de Blasio. “I am not at all unhappy to see de Blasio win,” Mayor Dinkins, who backed Bill Thompson for mayor in the Democratic primary, told show hosts Curtis Sliwa and David Paterson on AM970.

But Mr. Dinkins didn’t have much to offer about his candidate for mayor. “He’s a young man. While he has never run anything before, I am confident that he will have the wisdom to surround himself with a lot of some bright, young, honest women and men who can help him get the job done,” Mr. Dinkins said.

Mr. Dinkins also revealed that he’s not in contact with Mr. de Blasio, although the Democrat started his political career in the Dinkins administration. “He has not sought my advice and council,” Mr. Dinkins said in response to a question whether he would recommend Mr. de Blasio to keep on to some people in the administration in transition time, since Dems were out for 20 years. ” I called him on election night, congratulated him and offered to be helpful in any way I could. And I haven’t had any communications with him since. Were he to call me, I’d be delighted to try to be helpful.”

Listen to the audio here:

(Jacob Kornbluh – YWN)


  1. But Mr. Dinkins didn’t have much to offer about his candidate for mayor. “He’s a young man. While he has never run anything before, I am confident that he will have the wisdom to surround himself with a lot of some bright, young, honest women and men who can help him get the job done,” Mr. Dinkins REALLY REALLY look at the liar in the white house. obumma has been a total FAILURE.He might be promoting diblaiso since he will mak Dinkins good like obumma is making carter look good

  2. If deBlassio wants to maintain his 75 point lead on j-lho, he should stay far, far away from dinkins who’s too ignorant to figure out why deBlassio is treating him like a leper.

  3. Barry’s run this country into the ground yet 37% of the country approves of the job he’s doing. Who makes up this 37%? Hardcore numbnut libtards, that’s who. And NY has got plenty of those. There’s no other explanation for deBlassio’s rise in popularity. Its certainly not for anything he’s accomplished. He’s essentially a white obama: a lefty, closeted socialist, community organizer. Why this appeals to NYers defies all logic but not for the libtards that make up the electorate here.

  4. Commenter No. 5: If you honestly believe your statement that Obama supporters (including me) are “hardcore numbnut libtards,” you should seriously ask yourself whether your statement is unpatriotic. I and (I believe) lots of other people think he is doing the best he can in the face of opposition so determined to prevent him from carrying out what he promised to do when he was elected (remember, he was elected, and your candidates were not) that they – his opponents – would shut down the federal government and threaten the creditworthiness of the US government.

    US treasury obligations are fundamental to the US financial system. Every state-chartered bank and insurance company, in addition to every federally chartered bank, is required to keep its capital reserves in US treasury obligations and certain other highly liquid assets. But Mr. Obama’s opposition (I am not sure whether they can all be considered “loyal opposition) seem utterly ignorant of the key role of US government securities in domestic and world financial markets. So do all the name-calling you like, but do not think it means you understand any important public issues.

    And just to show you how wrong you can be about Obama supporters, I will tell you that I wanted to post a comment about former Mayor Dinkins very much along the lines of the post by Commenter No. 4, but he/she beat me to it (though my comment would have been funnier).

  5. Nfgo3: take a breath between sips of your obama kool aid and consider whether barry has provided us with “hope and change” or has this been a divide and conquer, class warfare regime?
    Has he “transformed washington” the way he promised?
    Has he run “the most transparent presidency” the way he promised?
    Has he reduced the deficfit the way he promised?
    Has widespread peace broken out in the middle east thanks to a more diplomatic approach like he promised?
    You can blame the opposition all you want (has the statute of limitations tolled on blaming bush?) But the facts are the only thing the imposter-in-chief has “accomplished” is obamacare which congress passed without reading it but knowing enough to exempt themselves from it. Pretty tough to make americans looked back fondly at the carter years but barry’s well on his way.

  6. No. 7: The superficiality of your questions shows clearly that you, not I, have been drinking the kool-aid.

    I did not vote for President Obama because I wanted “hope and change”.

    I did not expect Mr. Obama to “change Washington”. I did expect him to pursue better policies than his predecessor, and he has done so, e.g., affordable healthcare and an end to irresponsible new tax cuts for the wealthy.

    Transparency – not so much, I will give you that, but no president likes transparency as much as a presidential candidate, even if they are the same guy. President Obama has not gone to war with phony intelligence. That’s not the same as complete transparency, but it’s 2 steps in the right (not right-wing) direction.

    Deficit reduction – actually, the deficit has been coming down, but you won’t hear that on right-wing radio.

    Widespread peace in the Middle East – no, but I did not drink that kool aid either. President O has not started any new wars, and that’s pretty good. Israel’s enemies are, presently, engaged in fights among themselves more than with Israel, which takes a lot of heat off Israel.

    Iran did not re-elect its former Holocaust-denying president. I would give credit primarily to the Iranian people for that, but a less hysterical US government probably helps with that.

    And I’ll bet that President Obama can even catch that guy that led the attack on the US on 9/11/2001. I might even hold my breath until that happens.

    And if Obamacare were the only accomplishment of President Obama, that would be OK. Why can’t the Republican minority wait until they win an election and return to a majority in both houses of Congress before repealing it? Maybe they don’t think that will ever happen, and so they would rather threaten the full faith and credit of US debt obligations.