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Two NYPD-Involved Shootings On Wednesday Night – FOUR THIS WEEK!

NYPD officers were involved in two shootings Wednesday night in Brooklyn and the Bronx – the third and fourth police-involved shootings in as many days – but no one was struck by bullets.

The first shooting unfolded in Brownsville around 10:40PM when police said a driver in an SUV reported stolen in Manhattan struck an officer with the vehicle during a traffic stop.

The driver of the Acura MDX with New Jersey license plates put the SUV in reverse and struck the officer. The other officer fired one round as the driver who sped away. Nobody was struck by the gunfire, police said.

The driver was being sought early Thursday.

The officer who struck by the vehicle was treated for torso and ankle injuries.

In the Bronx around the same time, an officer shot at a man wielding a gun, police said.

Two officers saw the 23-year-old man with a gun near E. 176th Street and Southern Boulevard in the West Farms section, according to police.

The officers approached the suspect and a foot pursuit ensued. Police said the suspect pointed the gun at the officers but didn’t fire.

One officer fired at the suspect but didn’t hit him, police said.

The suspect then threw his gun onto the Cross Bronx Expressway before he was apprehended and arrested by the officers, according to police.



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7 Responses

  1. “The other officer fired one round as the driver who sped away. Nobody was struck by the gunfire, police said”

    “One officer fired at the suspect but didn’t hit him, police said”

    What, are these “officers” a bunch of Mesivta bachurim? Don’t these donut eaters get ANY training whatsoever? Do they even know how to hold a gun? At least we taxpayers give them a great benefits package and pension plan that they can look at as they go for yet another coffee break.

  2. Not getting involved:
    Its probably best you stayed uninvolved in anything of importance.

    1. Hitting a fast moving target at a distance while running, at night with low visibility, with adrenaline pumping, with a pistol, is quite difficult. You’ve probably never tried it.

    2. Maybe cops eat donuts. Maybe its just a stereotype. What does that have to do with anything? when is the last time you risked being shot at without warning at any moment in the Bronx or East NY (or any other tough neighborhood)? NYPD officers face that: every. single. day.

    Every morning when they say goodbye to their family heading off to work, they know they may never come home RL.

    3. With your attitude you likely had some run ins with cops. Speeding tickets? Moving violations?
    Jealous of their guns, lights, sirens and walkie talkies? By all means, IF you can pass the psych evaluation, go to the Academy.

  3. Donut Eaters? Any Training whatsoever? When you were there Not getting involved, what did you see? Oh, you weren’t there?
    Monday morning quarterback who has zero training, never wore a uniform and zero guts, calling calling the cops high school kids.
    Why dont you take the test, pass the academy and go show these guys how its done. You apparently could do a way better job.
    Sometimes the good guys win and sometimes they dont. But they are out there trying. Almost getting ran over in the process. I wore a uniform for 23 years, I earned every dollar of my pension. You would last a week in an RMP in a sketchy neighborhood.

  4. Does anyone know how much training and practice it would take to materially improve police accuracy with their service revolvers? How do NYPD officers compare in their handgun skills with other law enforcement personnel? And would it help if they hit more targets, or result in more innocent people being wounded or killed?

    And Kach, if you think the headline needs fixing, you should add to your suggestion the phrase “but were unsuccessful”.

  5. Training varies from state to state. semi annual qualifications are also required. Shooting at a paper target with little to no stress is not too difficult. Shooting while fighting for your life, or bullets whizing past your head is a different ball game. its difficult to replicate that kind of stress during training. Under duress, even the best shooters in the world, miss targets.
    More training would be a positive step, but even the most highly trained occasionally miss.
    “Service Revolvers” is an outdated term, Most modern Police Departments utilize semi automatic pistols, like Glocks, Sig Sauers & Smith & Wessons, not revolvers. The are usually revered to as “Service Weapons”.

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