Should I Get A COVID-19 Vaccine If I’ve Had The Virus?


Should I get a COVID-19 vaccine if I’ve had the virus?

Yes. Regardless of previous infection, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says people should plan on getting vaccinated when it’s their turn.

“It’s a pretty straightforward question,” said Johns Hopkins infectious disease specialist Dr. Amesh Adalja. “Yes, you need to get vaccinated.”

After someone recovers, their immune system should keep them from getting sick again right away.

“Your immune system is able to identify the virus, and protect itself,” said Dr. Saskia Popescu, an infectious disease expert at George Mason University.

Scientists still don’t know exactly how long this immunity lasts or how strong it is, though recent research suggests the protection could last for several months.

It’s impossible to know how long a person might be immune, said Dr. Prathit Kulkarni, an infectious disease expert at Baylor College of Medicine. “There’s no way to calculate that.”

Vaccines, by contrast, are designed to bring about a more consistent and optimal immune response. And they should boost whatever preexisting immunity a person might have from an infection, experts say.

“Since we’re in this pandemic, and don’t have a handle on it, the safer approach is to vaccinate,” Kulkarni said. “You don’t lose anything and you stand to benefit.”

If you’ve been infected in the last three months, the CDC says it’s OK to delay vaccination if you want to let others go first while supplies are limited.

“All things being equal you would want the person with no protection to go first,” Adalja said.



  1. We have read the articles about the danger the vaccine poses to anyone who had covid in the 90 days before the vaccine. We read about the Israeli man who suffered heart damage as a result of getting the vaccine within 90 days of having the infection. Fr. Faucci himself even warned against getting the vaccine within 90 days of having COVID. So this AP article is seriously misinformed.

  2. The vaccine is only about a month in public use, with almost no one who had their second does yet, and they know already that the vaccine give you more protection than the natural virus it self. That by now, 9 months since march, we know that most people don’t get sick again. It seems like there it is more an agenda here! Dr. Faucci and his friends were proven wrong again and again, I’m not sure who still has any trust in them!