VIDEO ROUNDUP: Peleg Protests On Bar Ilan After Chareidi Girl Is Arrested For “Army Desertion”


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Hundreds of extremist Chareidim engaged in protests on Rechov Bar Ilan in Jerusalem on Thursday afternoon following the arrest of a Chareidi girl in Ben-Gurion Airport on Wednesday for army desertion.

It should be noted that the girl was released by the Army Court on Thursday following a hearing on her case but apparently Peleg decided to protest anyway.

The protest began in Mea Shearim and the participants then walked to the Bar Ilan intersection, where they clashed with the police and blocked intersections by burning garbage bins. Police dispersed the crowd through riot control methods and some protesters were arrested.

The IDF stated that the young woman who was arrested didn’t submit a religious affidavit to the recruitment authorities as required by law and has been evading the law for seven years.

The woman claims that she submitted her affidavit in 2014.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. It should be noted That even though she was released she was still arrested and protesting in Israel is the only way you get anything done the nice way doesn’t work.

    YWN Please just give over the news and stop taking sides

  2. Round up these mechalelai Hashem fakers who are abusing Torah to serve their own fetish passions for violence. Ship them with a box of matzos to Iran, where their ideology will find similar company. They should not be permitted to return to Eretz Yisroel.

  3. “The IDF stated that the young woman who was arrested didn’t submit a religious affidavit to the recruitment authorities as required by law and has been evading the law for seven years”

    So What? And, are there no bureaucratic errors?
    The message has to be very strong, stern and consistent/relentless.
    Bnos Yisroel are Not Hefker. Don’t touch our girls. Not for one day. Not for one hour. Not for one second.

  4. If they cared for women they would protest men keeping their wives agunot, not this. A bunch of wild animals. Where are the charedi rabbis to publicaly condemn this?

  5. FYI the top 2 videos are on kikar hashabos.
    in the video with the balash running down the street someone should’ve tripped that rasha.
    in the video with the charredi and the cop fighting, finally someone hitting the tzionim back, standing up to the reshaim. I’ve been to the protest, there is no such a thing as a peacefull protest because the reshaim immediately start attacking the charreidim and only the charreidim!
    i still dont agree with blocking streets, cars, and buses. its a real gezel zman.
    you see how they grab people and throw them? it makes them so happy these terrible people!!!!!
    regardless of my feelings i still do not attend the protests because i cannot watch one jew hit the other regardless of the fact that the reshaim have no problem hitting us.
    so i am moicheh on the machuh

  6. So SAD to see these crazy people. They pretend to present Torah values and Torah lifestyle, but act like bunch of animals. Torah ways are pleasant, where these people are far far from that. No other country would tolerate these maniacs!

  7. Peleg is a group of radical rabbis who think they are smarter than the gedolim. Both R. Steineman zt”l and R Kanevesky and R Edelman hold just go and get your exemption. But no these id 10t’s can not be normal.

    HaShem y’rachem on us for this Chillul HaShem.

  8. Perhaps they should just have the girl resubmit her affidavit. Does this justify Bitul Zmat Torah? Possible Chilul Hashem? Which Rav endorsed these protests?
    Encouraging men to act this way may open the door to other problems.