Australian Anti-Semitism: Man With Swastika Spotted At Train Station

Photo: Anti-Defamation Commission

A 23-year-old descendant of Holocaust survivors spotted a man wearing a hat with a swastika on it at the Melbourne train station on Friday and photographed the disturbing sight.

The man was spotted shortly after the end of a soccer game and it’s believed he was on the way home from the game.

The swastika sighting is just the latest incident in a worrying rise in neo-Nazi activity in Victoria.

The Anti-Defamation Commission (ADC), a Jewish Australian group, is involved in a three-year campaign to ban swastikas and the Australian government is leaning toward implementing legislation on the issue.

“If the Victorian state government does not put an end to this sickening and escalating crisis right now, Victoria may become known as the Swastika state instead of the Garden State,” ADC Chairman Dvir Abramovich stated in response to the incident.

“From the special spot in hell reserved for such monsters, Hitler must be smiling, knowing that his followers are continuing his destructive legacy.”

“We should not have to wait until white supremacists organize a rally and march down Swanston street waving Nazi flags before acting. Our city is being invaded by these agents of hate, by these ‘Final Solutionists’ who are spitting in our faces and who have no fear of proudly exhibiting this evil emblem, which represents the extermination of millions, knowing full well that the law is on their side. Our diggers who sacrificed their lives to defeat the Third Reich must be turning in their graves.”

“No one can feel safe when such terrifying episodes are allowed to happen. Imagine the sheer terror a Holocaust survivor would have felt seeing this unrepentant bigot. I repeat my call for the state government to draft a bill that bans the public displays of Nazism and to pass the law immediately. Enough is enough.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)