Ashdod: Perp Of Multiple Attacks On Chareidim Arrested

Illustrative. Israel Police (Police spokesperson)

The man responsible for dozens of attacks on Chareidim in recent days in Ashdod was caught by the police and arrested on Tuesday night.

“A rapid police response has led to the arrest of a suspect of the attacks on city residents, all of them with a Chareidi appearance,” a police statement said.

Following a report of yet another attack in the Chareidi neighborhood on Tuesday night close to midnight, police officers in the area quickly responded and managed to snatch the suspect, a resident of the city in his 20s.

Numerous Chareidim in the city have been assaulted in recent days by a masked man wearing a hooded sweatshirt jacket. The man has been following people walking alone in the Charedi neighborhood, quickly assaulting them with a powerful punch and quickly fleeing the scene.

The victims, some of whom were punched from the back without even seeing the assailant, were left shocked and dazed. Some victims, who were punched in the face, were left with bleeding wounds.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. The word on the street in Ashdod is that he turned against the haredi community after being outed as a man who appreciates other men.