“Jews Are Behind The Pandemic” Shouted By Anti-Vaxxers In Poland

Poles chant "Jews are behind the pandemic." (Twitter screenshot)

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Anti-vaccine Poles blamed Jews for the coronavirus pandemic during a protest in Glogow, Poland on Monday, according to a Polish website, as reported by The Jerusalem Post.

The protestors chanted that “Jews rule the world” and “Jews are behind the pandemic.”

“Every Pole can see today that behind the ‘Plandemic’ are the Jews,” the protestors chanted.

The “Plandemic” refers to two well-known conspiracy theory sources, a video and a film: Plandemic: The Hidden Agenda Behind Covid-19 and Plandemic: Indoctrination. Both feature Judy Mikovits, a discredited American researcher who has been described as an anti-vaccine activist.

The Warsaw-based American Jewish Committee office in central Europe slammed the protest: “This is a classic form of anti-Semitism. Where are the decision makers’ responses?”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. This coming from people who claim that they are not anti semites and that their forebears assisted Jews during the war and that it was AAAAAAALL the Germans’ fault….Yup.

  2. They are so misguided and misinformed:- Actually it is the Democrats with the help of Fauci who is about to be going to prison, who are behind the pandemic, for having commissioned this lab in Wuham to spread virus across the world with total depravity to life, simply to steal the elections from president Donald Trump. When that failed since President Donald Trump was duly reelected, they simply stole the elections.

  3. This is not anti-semitism, it is a call for responsible government for all people. Unfortunately, many secular Jews actually are behind the attempt to mandate the experimental (and by many accounts – harmful) covid inoculation upon citizens around the globe – from Tal Sacks, board member of Moderna, to the CEO of Pfizer, to atheist Jewish virologists who claim their Jewish intelligence through advocating the false idol of vaccination, which has been hotly debated as having any true validity for over 200 years.

    Medicine of traditional Judaism, from the Rambam and from the Gemara, and throughout history, is based mostly on homeopathic (naturapathically diluted or ‘sympathetic’ dosing) and also isopathic (‘equated’ dosing) modalities – it is the allopathic methods espoused by the commercialists such as Rockefeller (and helped by the atheist Jew Abraham Flexner) that have created an abusive and much harmful medical society that has jeopardized not only gentiles, but the Jewish people as well.

  4. I used to find “Polish jokes” offensive and inappropriate. But I recently learned that the Holacaust continued in Poland for more than a year beyond VE day, and now this.

    So here’s my favorite: Why do the Polish secret police always patrol in groups of three? One can read, one can write, and one keeps an eye on the two intellectuals.