HEARTBREAKING FOOTAGE: Father Of Meron Victims Is Maspid Yeshivah Bochurim Killed In Ukraine

Rav Elhadad, who lost 2 sons at Meron, is maspid at levayos of bochurim killed in Ukraine.

Hundreds of people gathered in Kolomyya, Ukraine on Thursday to attend the heartrending levayos of the three yeshivah bochurim killed in a plane accident on Wednesday.

The three niftarim were in Ukraine as part of a larger group of bochurim on a Bein Hazemanim tiyul to kivrei tzaddikim so the bochurim were accompanied on their final journey by their friends and chavrusas.

B’Chadrei Chareidim reported that Rav Meir Nachman Elhadad, who displayed incredible emunah after losing two sons in the Meron tragedy, happened to be in Ukraine and rushed to Kolomyya to attend the levaya and give chizuk to those left behind.

“Ribbono shel Olam, we don’t understand your chesbonos,” Rav Eldhadad said. “But we believe that the time had come for Amrom, z’l, Yisrael Tzvi (Hershy), z’l, and Eliezer, z’l, to be taken.”

“They were surely very great neshamos but the fact that this happened so suddenly is in order to arouse us. We need to wake up and be mechazeik.”


(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)