He Lost 2 Sons But Speaks Words Of Emunah: “Hashem Gave Us A Potch, We Have To Return To Him”

Rav Meir Nachman Elhadad, who lost 2 sons at Meron, speaks words of emunah to his visitors. (Channel 20 screenshot)

Rav Meir Nachman Elhadad, the bereaved father of two sons who lost their lives in the Meron disaster, somehow finds the fortitude to urge his visitors during shiva to use this wake-up call to grow closer to Hashem.

In a video published by Channel 20 News, Rav Elhadad, the father of the kedoshim Yosef Dovid z’l, 18, and Moshe Mordechai, 12, tearfully spoke to his visitors at his home in the Beis Yisrael neighborhood of Jerusalem.

“Hakadosh Baruch Hu has knocked on our door. It wasn’t a gentle knock. He gave us a potch so we can wake up and say: ‘Abba, we’re returning to You. We understood the message.”

Yosef Dovid z’l, 18 and Moshe Mordechai, z’l, 12, Elhadad.

“Every one of us, me, my children, everyone who’s close to us, all of Am Yisrael – wake up. We shouldn’t chalilah return to our routine, we need to be mechazeik b’Torah, b’mitzvos, b’ahavas chaveirim, in giving to others, in caring about others.”

Below is a video of Rav Mendel Moskovitz, who said Shema Yisrael with Yosef Dovid before he died, paying a shiva call to Rav Elhadad.

“I was lying next to your Yosef Dovid,” Rav Moscovitz said. “I heard his Shema Yisrael and his ‘Abba, todah’ under the pile of people and those words are what gives me chizzuk from that moment until now.”

Reb Elhadad’s wife displays the same amount of emunah as her husband. Miriam Peretz, who lost two sons in the IDF and is well-known for her work with bereaved families, was amazed when she came to be menachem avel.

“This mother is now sitting shiva on her two sons and what is she talking about? ‘Let’s unite. Let’s respect each other more,'” Peretz said.

Former Jerusalem mayor and Likud MK Nir Barkat also came to be menachem avel and the family showed him the letter he had sent them when their son, z’l, was born, when he was serving as mayor.

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(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. there is no such thing as a pashute yid !
    yet harav wolfson shlit”a said that although no one knows darkei hashem , however in a weak generation as ours hashem does not give petch anymore , petch can only work when you have a chochom venavi to relay the message, & these are some kind of tikunim for neshamos an inyanim al pee kaboloh
    ofcourse each yid has to use properly the time on this world & make a personal cheshbon hanefesh