Bill De Blasio – The Elected King Of The Jews


de+blasio+victoryBill de Blasio can add another supporting group to his column. Mayor-Elect de Blasio is the first Democrat to win the Jewish vote since Ed Koch won his reelection bid in 1985. It wasn’t an overwhelming outburst of support, considering his 49 point margin against Republican Joe Lhota. Nonetheless, he still bested Mr. Lhota among Jewish voters by 53-44 percent, according to exit polling by Edison Research for The New York Times.

Mr. de Blasio’s share of the vote represents an increase of 29 points over the 2009 share garnered by Bill Thompson, when he ran against incumbent Mike Bloomberg, an independent/Republican who won 75 percent. Democrat Fernando Ferrer got an estimated 26 percent against Bloomberg in 2005, while Mark Green – in a Jew vs. Jew contest – won about 48 percent of the Jewish vote in 2001.

Mr. Lhota’s supporters, however, claim victory in winning the overall Orthodox Jewish vote – a fast and growing electorate.

In the NY Times definition of Borough Park – the largest gathering of Orthodox Jewish voters – Mr. Lhota edged out Mr. de Blasio by 3 points (49-46), the smallest margin of victory for a Republican candidate in the past two decades. Mr. de Blasio also swept Williamsburg where he earned the early support of the Ahronim and a late-insignificant endorsement by the Zalis in the last stretch of the campaign.

Among the significant Orthodox Jewish areas where Lhota support was strongest were Manhattan Beach, Brighton Beach and Midwood in Brooklyn, Far Rockaway and Kew Gardens Hills in Queens, Staten Island and the Upper East Side of Manhattan. According to Crown Height Info, the Crown Heights Jewish community “was a tiny island of support for Republican Joe Lhota amid a sea of Democrat Bill de Blasio voters for miles all around.”

Combining Orthodox and Russian neighborhood (Borough Park, Kensington, Midwood, Sheepshead bay areas), Jewish Political Updates claims Joe Lhota won those neighborhoods by a whopping 58% to Bill De Blasio’s 41%.

But overall, Bill de Blasio did pretty well among all factions within the Jewish Community.

The number crunching will continue over the next few days, and we will, as always, bring you the factual final numbers as it pertains to the Jewish community’s vote.

Bill de Blasio ai’t Jewish, but considering the mandate given he can definitely earn the title given to others -in different circumstances – The King of the Jews in New York City.

As a matter of fact, the only Citywide Jewish elected official for the next four years is also a Democrat. Comptroller-elect Scott Stringer will be the only Jewish citywide elected official, while Melinda Katz of Queens will be the only Jewish Borough President.

(Jacob Kornbluh – YWN)


  1. The reason de Blasio’s support among New York Jews was much LOWER than that of ANY other ethnic group in New York, is strictly due to the Orthodox and Russian Jews who strongly voted for Republican Lhota. And since Orthodox Jews, due to their enormous growth rate in New York over the past 30 years, now represent a much larger portion of the New York Jewish community, their Republican tendencies reduces the overall Democrat Party advantage among Jews overall (since it is the non-religious Jews who vote Democrat.)

  2. Frum Jews voting for a liberal, oh what else is new just? dont come to me for a sympathetic ear when the next decree is handed to you, and don’t think i will come to one of your rally’s signed by who knows who. because you N.Y Jews are like sadomasochists, one would think after making the Bloomberg mistake not once not twice but 3 times they would learn their lesson

  3. Reply to Eric:
    What do you expect? After being in גלות for 3,000 years, the nations of the world’s influence has become ingrained into us, ר״ל. I also believe Hashem is telling us, “Do not trust in man, for I control the events of the world and everything that takes place. He’s just another one of MY pawns.”