Rabbi Amsellem: One Chief Rabbi Will Lead to Polarization & Machlokes


amsnIn response to the Chief Rabbinate Bill sponsored by Justice Minister Tzipi Livni and Religious Services Minister Naftali Bennett, Rabbi Chaim Amsellem of the Am Shalem party responds.

Amsellem stated it may sound appealing to eliminate the concepts of “Ashkenazim” and “Sephardim”, but doing so will lead to “polarization and dispute. Today, all of the experts agree and the concept of the melting pot has resulted in significant damage and backfired, resulting in polarization, dispute, disappointment and controversy.”

“I fear the cancellation of one of these roles, and as a result, the same in cities nationwide, will lead to significant polarization and alienation for unlike the Sephardi approach that is more lenient and moderate, in some cases the ruling may be vise versa and in some areas the lenient view of a rabbi will be accepted and this will lead to great machlokes so that will be of no benefit and there will be damage.”

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. He’s probably right. You would think that having one Chief Rabbi would be a step at having unity for a change, but how likely is that? Unfortunately, not with the current mentalities. Only Moshiach can bring unity….if he’s wearing the right yarmulkah, hat, shtreimel, etc.