In Wake Of Supreme Court Petition, Gov’t Amends Lieberman’s Daycare Decree Against Kollel Students

UTJ MK Uri Maklev speaks to a group of Dati Leumi women protesting against Lieberman's decree against daycare subsidies. (Screenshot)

The government on Sunday night submitted a response to an inquiry by the Supreme Court on a petition against the revocation of daycare subsidies for kollel students advanced by Finance Minister Avigdor Lieberman.

The response said that following many discussions it was decided that “legal considerations have led to the conclusion that there is room to include students learning Rabbanus and Dayanus in those eligible for support, subject to the determination of certain conditions to ensure that [studies are for] employment purposes. The final wording of those conditions has not yet been approved and the state will submit the final wording at the time of the hearing.”

The attorneys who submitted the petition stated in response to the government’s statement: “We are witness to the fact that the government admitted, in practice, that there were real flaws in the original decision of the Finance Minister, and it is now attempting to amend it and include those learning for Rabbanus and Dayanus as eligible for the subsidy under ‘certain conditions’ but it didn’t yet publish those conditions.”

“We believe that there were additional flaws in the decision which may lead to the revocation of the decision, which we will expand on during the hearing,” the attorneys concluded.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)