Yerushalayim’s Chareidi Education Heads Under Investigation


mishtPolice are investigation senior officials in the city’s Chareidi Education Unit on suspicion of improper and fraudulent registration of students. A number of officials were questioned by police on Sunday, 21 Kislev 5774 and upon their release, one is prohibited from returning to City Hall for the time being.

City Hall officials add that when they are notified by police that an employee is being investigated, that person is summoned by City Hall officials’ and the city’s attorney will render a decision regarding the employee’s continued employment or suspension on a case-by-case basis.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Note that this refers to pro-zionist hareidim, i.e., those whose parnassah strategy involves being friendly with the zionists. And ones who forget that the government that seems friendly to you, usually ends up being hostile.

  2. The Israeli Police routinely do the dirty work of the political class.

    In this case, they are simply carrying out the wishes of Yesh Atid, who wants to destroy the Chareidim, once and for all.

  3. If there are laws and rules to abide by….what are the behaviors of frum Jews?

    a) Follow the laws
    b) Protest the laws
    c) Ignore the laws
    d) Complain about the laws
    e) Change the law via political path.

  4. If people don’t follow the law then they should be punished, fraud is ossur, so why are the above posters denegrating the work of the police? Do you want chaos and a lack of law and order? Come to your senses rabosai