Old City Terrorist’s Wife Arrested At The Jordanian Border

An Israeli soldier at the entrance to the Allenby border crossing (Photo: Sebastian Scheiner/AP)

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The wife of Hamas terrorist Fadi Abu Shkhaydam, who traveled to Jordan three days before her husband carried out the murderous shooting attack on Sunday, was arrested by Israeli security forces at the Allenby Crossing upon her return to Israel.

During an interrogation with the Shin Bet, she claimed she traveled to Jordan to visit her mother who is ill with cancer, Kan News reported. After her initial interrogation, she was transferred to the Russian Compound in Jerusalem for further questioning.

According to a Yisrael Hayom report, Jordanian intelligence officials demanded that the terrorist’s wife leave the country and return to Israel once they became aware of her identity. However, her attorney, Medhat Diba, denied the report, saying his client returned to Israel on her own.

According to Palestinian media reports, Abu Shkaydam left a will in which he expressed “great happiness” over the attack he was about to perpetrate as he has always dreamed of “meeting G-d as a martyr.” He also urged his students and family members to follow his example and prepare for jihad.

Likud MK Eli Cohen retweeted a post (seen below) written by Abu Shkhaydam’s son calling his father’s deeds heroic. “In another two weeks, my law to expel families of terrorists who express support for murder carried out by their relatives will be raised in the Knesset. An important deterrence tool to help prevent the next attack. Jewish blood isn’t hefker.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)