FEARMONGERING? Scientists Say New Covid Variant Could Be ‘Horrific,’ ‘Worse Than Delta’

(AP Photo/Vadim Ghirda, File)

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A new strain of Covid-19 detected in 10 people in three countries has scientists sounding the alarm, which they say is the most mutated version of the virus yet.

The new strain, which is likely to be named ‘Nu’, contains 32 mutations, suggesting that it could be highly transmissible and resistant to vaccines. Scientists say that ‘Nu’ likely emerged in a lingering infection in an immunocompromised patient.

Virologist Dr. Tom Peacock described the combination of mutations in this variant as “horrific,” and warned that the strain – clinically known as B.1.1.529 – has the potential to be “worse than nearly anything else,” including the world-dominant Deltra mutation.

On the bright side, scientists say that the number of mutations in Nu could also suggest that it is unstable, preventing it from spreading rapidly.

“For the time being, it should be closely monitored,” said Francois Balloux, a geneticist at University College London. “But there’s no need to be overly concerned, unless it starts going up in frequency.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. As expected… #COVID22
    There is a tough election coming up this year and the tyrants in power will do all they can to hold on at whatever price it takes.

  2. Thank you vaccines for creating these new mutations. By creating artificial immunity, they have literally developed the most immune mutations out there.

    Thank you. Natural immunity is the only way to go. That wouldve ended this whole thing ages ago.

  3. The question to be asking is not whether it’s resistant to vaccines. All variants so far have been resistant to vaccines. The question sane and rational people should ask is if it’s resistant to monoclonal treatments, or Ivermectin etc. But you won’t hear that question in any mainstream media outlets

  4. This is an important reason to get vaccinated. Vaccinations aren’t perfect but they certainly reduce the amount of COVID infections. The more people that have COVID, the more chances there are for the virus to mutate into different variants. Even if a person doesn’t become deathly ill, it’s still wise to reduce the number of infections. Therefore it’s wise for as many people as possible to be vaccinated.

  5. Please feel free not to post.
    I think you shouldn’t post such words as fear mongering. Because what if it’s more dangerous? And as a result of your words People may be influenced not to be cautious

  6. The goyim tell a story of “the boy who cried wolf”.

    Claiming the world is ending and extreme measures are needed would have worked out better if countries who didn’t take such measures were now largely uninhabited, and if communities who ignored those measures were largely extinct. In reality, those who ignored the “extreme measures” do not appear to be any worse off than those who took them seriously. As it is, the extreme measures caused more harm than the epidemic, economically and perhaps medically (but causing misuse of medical resources, killing people who were unable to get medical care, and by causing people in many poorer countries to be without economic resources necessary to buy that which sustains life). Some day there will probably be an epidemic that will require those extreme measures, and if it happens in our lifetime, the world will pay a real price for the hubris of the public health authorities that cried wolf.

  7. frishe_nayes – most recent elections seems to indicate that advocating caution about COVID hurts your chances in elections, so you are wrong.
    Lostspark – forty shots? It is a vaccine followed by boosters over time, not some horse medicine that you somehow probably think is better.
    Chaylev Halyah – Vaccines create mutations now? And natural immunity is somehow better? What is the difference between natural immunity and immunity as a response to a vaccine in any case? And since when is our body well designed to fight every virus. Polio and Smallpox are viruses that our bodies were terrible at fighting. Even viruses that we can fight off, such as chicken pox, do long-term damage to the body, so why in the name of all that is good, would anyone want a new virus to invade their body and do all sorts of damage that who knows what the long-term consequences would be? Why does years of science get tossed out the window, because you need to show your support for Trump?
    FrumWhere – Since studies seem to show Ivermectin does nothing for COVID, not sure your point.

    What is clear is that if you get the vaccine the risk of severe illness and death is greatly reduced. Likely the disease load is much lower in those that are vaccinated than the unvaxxed. The more vaccinated the less circulating diseases and the better we would all be. Or you can be foolish and make up and believe nonsense. The data is out there and it is very clear that vaccines save lives.

  8. Lakewood bubby doesn’t get it
    She thinks more vaccines leads to less mutation but common sense science shows the direct opposite despite what the fake news reports Joey and David are friends
    Joey gets vaccinated David does not
    Virus comes around
    And struggles infecting joey because he’s vaccinated
    David- no problem so he’s laid up a few days in bed.
    But the virus wants to spread and there are a lot of vaccinated Joeys around
    So the virus mutates just a little
    And now it can infect joey
    That’s what viruses do to survive
    They mutate to be able to infect new hosts
    The more the hosts are immune to a specific strain
    The more that strain dies out and new strains take it’s place
    When pertussis vaccine was implemented new strains of MORE dangerous pertussis developed called parapertussis . Worse and more dangerous . Same with pneumococcal viruses. The ones in the vaccine became less prevalent and new ones arrived on scene quickly necessitating an adjustment in the vaccine .
    People need to wake up and smell the coffee
    The most highly vaccinated countries aren’t looking too good right now
    Wonder why

  9. Dear huju et al:

    Using the word “horrific” to describe the molecular structure of a virus, without any reference to any real world increased virulence or vaccine/antibody resistance, is indeed fear mongering.

  10. The only fearmongering is that the failed vaccines are actually causing these new variants and unfortunately too many people have been jabbed with this poison