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NYC Councilman Stephen Levin Condemns @NYPost For Menachem Stark Front Page Story

nyp“The New York Post’s unbelievably offensive headline this morning comes the day after Mr. Stark’s family and children, as well as an entire community, laid him to rest and are still mourning his death.

For the New York Post to suggest that a person deserved to be murdered is sickening and reaches a new low. The entire community is outraged by such a vulgar headline that is so offensive and horrific.

The New York Post should pull their story and issue an apology to the family and community that are still in mourning.”

(YWN Desk – NYC)

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  1. The New York Post has been printing stuff this bad — and worse — for decades. But they always get a pass because they take conservative political positions! It is a shame that it takes the murder of a Jew for people to finally realize what a piece of trash that news paper is.

  2. This is pre-war Germany.
    Just as we were oblivious then we are oblivious now.
    “עד שלא שכח הראשון השנית ממהרת לבא”

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