WATCH: Elad Mayor To Terrorists: “Dogs! You Should Be Sent To The Gallows”

Elad terrorists in court on Thursday. (Photo: Chadrei Chareidim)

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An indictment was filed on Thursday morning at the Central District Court against the two terrorists who perpetrated the murderous terror attack in Elad last month.

As the terrorists were brought into the court prior to the hearing, Porush couldn’t hide his disgust of the despicable terrorists who hacked fathers to death in front of their small children, shouting at them: “You dogs. Heinous murderers who should be sent to the gallows. You ate the food of Jews and then murdered them. Rags.”

An indictment was filed against the terrorists for acts of terror of aggravated murder (3 offenses), attempted murder (5 offenses), aggravated assault (3 offenses), injury in aggravating circumstances (2 offenses), and illegal entry into Israel.


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  1. I am willing to bet one million dollars, that if Chasidei Gur will finally make peace with both Gerrer groups-no more fighting-no more calling the Police on Shabbos Kodesh–Once that happens, all these terrorist attacks will become much much less. If Chassidei Gur make peace, then Hashem will intervene and stop most of these terrorist attacks.
    Of course if we all make peace, then Hashem will stop completely every single terrorist attempted attack.

  2. again with the the immoral Israeli justice system…

    they should both have been shot in the head by the BP as soon as they were found

  3. Avramalah: You are either a bad troll or a fool to believe that resolution of the petty broigas among the Alters will stop “every single terrorist attack”.

  4. Screaming at them won’t help a thing it might even be a chillul Hashem and shows a lack of emunah even of course they should get killed but a Jew to even scream at them like that as if that does anything and they just feel they accomplished more that you are sad. On top of all this Hashem runs the worlds and will do justice to them and what happened is what Hashem wanted no point of screaming and losing yourself. I don’t understand it at all.

  5. Sure Avraham blame Chasidei Ger, maybe you should do a Cheshbon Nefesh every Thursday night and just maybe you’ll find something to be mesaken.

  6. it isn’t the Get Fighting… is the Arabs, it is America and it is you and I….we have not been doing what we need to do to bring Mashiach down….Belz build a mansion in the Americas Chabad in Kiev….that is the problem…..the real jews live in Israel that is plain to see__

  7. Certainly, the Alter circus hasn’t contributed to achdus or coordinated planning for security and protection against terrorist attacks. One would think at a time like this they would come together but instead we have the equivalent of the petty and mindless infighting we have seen with other chasidus.i

  8. To: Yehoshua Aharon & Git not meshige:
    Your comments were very nice, you both spoke like a Mentsch.
    A Cheshbon HaNefesh is a good idea.
    When I saw the videos of the Chassidim really hurting each other, it bothered me tremendously. That is why I wrote my comment. Again thank you for your nice replies. When I get a nice reply, I act on it in a positive way.
    Nasty reply: I ignore it.