Family Members of Reb Menachem Stark, Hy”d, Politicians, Experts Speak to Ami Magazine.


UntitledThe tragic murder of Reb Menachem Stark has thrown the Jewish community into mourning, with none as affected as his loving family. In this week’s Ami Magazine, several of Reb Menachem’s closest family members, including brothers and brothers-in-law, as well as his rav, speak out about the person they knew and whose memory has been attacked in the media.

Local politicians have also expressed their disgust with the way Reb Menachem’s murder has been portrayed in the media. Ami spoke with Brooklyn borough president Eric Adams, New York City public advocate Letitia James, and councilwoman Laurie Cumbo about the outrage and the steps they are taking against it.
(AMI Newsroom)


  1. Commenter No. 2: You are correct. There are 600 murders per year in New York, but only once in a while does a newspaper (in the case of Mr. Stark’s murder, Rupert Murdoch’s New York Post) say in a headline that the murder victim deserved his fate. That is why the Post treatment – or mistreatment – of Mr. Stark rightly draws our attention. All murders are tragedies for the victim’s faimilies, but a statement that the victim deserved his murder is remarkable, even for Mr. Murdoch’s fish wrapper.

  2. …as well as the politicians who thought this was important enough to express their outrage.
    Borough President Eric Adams has always been known as a reasonable person and in this case he also did what was right. I was more pleasantly surprised by Letitia James’ reaction. Although she had a reputation to support more left-wing causes, she made it her business to speak up for the frum community and this horrendous crime. On the negative side,”the friend of the orthodox community” Mayor DelBlassio, was completely silent even in the face of the Post’s second murder of Mr. Stark. Notice also that the Mayor devoted his entire inaugural address to his left-wing agenda. So much for our false “askonim”

  3. Ami has run the most disgusting cover pages itself. It has decked the White House in Nazi flags and placed storm-troopers on the White House Lawn. It ran a cover headline that “Liberal Jews are Responsible for Toulouse Massacre” r”l. No one quit or resigned after these outrages. Ami should clean up its own house before it complains about others.

  4. Two questions/issues:

    1) NY Post didn’t imply he deserved to die, their headlines were just typical NY Post slime. It showed complete lack of respect for human life (in this case a Yid), but those who read or look at the Post daily shouldn’t be surprised.

    2)Other question, since when does a Chasidish family and world care about what the Secular/Goyish Media think?? I thought the beauty of the Chasidic sheltered life was that they shun the outside world? All the sudden Chasidim read the NY Post? Is this something new? Chasidish papers air brush women out of THEIR papers but now worry about the NY Post??

    Obviously our hearts and Tefilos go out to the Aveilim, but let’s not lose track of the Yiddishe values and way of life please.

  5. The murder of Stark was a tradgedy, and it’s coverage in the media is terrible. I hate to nitpick, though, but does he really deserve HY”D-usually applied to people who die al Kiddush hashem? Yes he is a Jew who was murdered, but all evidence seems to point to the fact that he was murdered for business reasons, not religion. Of course we should deplore the murder, catch the criminals and give support to the family, but let’s not pretend that there is a Kiddush hashem here.

  6. It does not say, smart #4, just it hints to people to take matters in their owns hands, I mean knives. Guess what a tenant just killed a “slumlord” yesterday. Maybe the post gave the hint. Oh by the way he also burnt him… The media is very influential.

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