Assemblyman Hikind Accuses The NY Post of Anti-Semitism


hikAssemblyman Dov Hikind accused the NY Post Wednesday for spreading anti-semitism in its coverage of Menachem Stark’s murder. Speaking at a dinner for Yad Ephraim in Borough Park, Mr. Hikind emotionally spoke of the lessons the community has to take from the anti-Hasidic wave in spite of the latest tragedies.

“What the NY Post did is horrible and disgusting. The pain that was caused to the family and for all of us by what they did and the anti-semitism that that newspaper created for Klal Yisroel,” he said. “You think they didn’t know what they were doing?”

Mr. Hikind reflected on the lessons to be learned from the latest tragedy. “We have to look at our community. We have to do better than we do. We do great.. But something is wrong,” the Assemblyman roared. “If one Jew is in pain we all have to be in pain. If one Jew is being attacked, all of us have to do and feel something about it. When something happens, we have to look at ourselves and think why it had occurred. We have to examine ourselves.”

Earlier the evening on his weekly radio show, Mr. Hikind bragged about being the first politician to issue a press release condemning the NY Post’s Sunday cover.

(Jacob Kornbluh – YWN)


  1. yes we have to do better dov and when a frum person commits a crime we should all feel shame. and not dismiss it and say well he gave charity and other excuse and still hold them and look to them as pillars of society

    ot works boths ways or should

  2. Why is this dude still in office?
    He seems way too busy always trying to make noise & get in front of the cameras.
    Hes looking to start a anti-semitic uproar. He seems way to bored with nothing what to do.
    I think he knows its a matter of time until hes voted out, & therefore trying to look busy and getting everyone excited again. wow!

  3. The newspaper industry is in the business of selling papers and generating revenue.

    The NY Post was recently used, and taught, by a well known family/institution that smearing the Frum community sells papers. They were used as a tool to create the maximum publicity to achieve results.

    Unfortunately, it seems that the only result was that the Post is now overly aware that Frum-bashing generates controversy – which sells papers.

  4. First, “what the NY Post is horrible and disgusting”. Don’t you edit before submitting your piece.
    Second,”Mr. Hikind bragged”. You know, that Mr. Hikind was the first politician to condemn the NY Post headline. Everyone knows, including his detractors, that Dov has and is at the forefront, on issues that deal with anti-Semitism. It’s been that way for a long time.
    You call that “bragging”? I call that, you look for any reason to diminish Dov’s stature in the community. Doing this, only diminishes your stature.

  5. Dov “Blackface” Hikind is way off on this one. I. I fail to see the anti-semitism here. Dov, save it for real instances. There is a reason you are considered irrelevant by many. In fact, the NY Post has a record of speaking out against abti-semites and anti-senites. He should stick to designing Purim costumes.

  6. To BoroPork- Clearly, Mr. Kornbluh (YWN)does not consider Mr. Hikind “irrelevant”, or they would not exert so much time and effort in criticizing him.
    In addition, if you do not see the anti-Semitism in the Post story, then I suspect that you have not experienced (personally) many instances of it in your life. I wish for you that this continues.

  7. Reb finkelstein,
    Before taking B. Pork to task consider:
    1)the headline was practically a quote from one of the investigators
    2)nobody is attacking the nypost for anything factual in the story
    3)edgy headlines sell papers.

    Was it insensitive? Yes
    Was it anti semitic? Probably not

    In conclusion, I agree with B. Pork that Hikind should save his fire for a better issue to tackle as this ones not a clear-cut, black (face) and white case of anti semitism.

  8. To Ira Frankelstein, clearly you don’t know me and make assumptions and ad hominem attacks because you disagree with me. Displays a low intelligence level.

  9. BoroPork,
    You did your argument a huge disservice by focusing on a mistake that was irrelevant to the discussion at hand. But you are correct that this is not Jew hatred. I would invite everyone to do their own investigation on the facts.

  10. To jew Yorker- The way I measure if it is anti-Semitic is by assessing how it feeds into the biases of the public. I believe that the Post was quite aware of the associations that would be made by many and played into those biases and misconceptions. They inflamed anti-Semitic sentiment, which to me is anti-Semitic.

    To BoroPork- I don’t see where I attacked you, unless you are Mr. Kornbluh. Were you hurt or angered by what I wrote?

  11. To Chachamhagadol-
    Investigating the facts (of which there are few known) of the Stark murder will not help in determining if the Post headline was anti-semitic.
    By the way, Mr. Hikind did not say that the Post was anti-semitic. Only Mr. Kornbluh’s headline said that Dov said that. If you look closely, what Dov said was that it created anti-semitism for klal yisroel.
    This is another instance in which Kornbluh twists things to attack Mr Hikind.

  12. reb finkelstein—while i maintain my stance that the post article was not anti semitic, i agree with you that it could incite anti semitic reactions. unfortunately, bad behavior by allegedly frum jews has already accomplished this, and then some.

  13. To jew yorker- While I agree that it is a chilul hashem when “allegedly frum jews” have “bad behavior”, it is not the reason that there is anti-semitism. Anti-semitism existed, exists, and will exist despite all that Jews contribute to the world.
    However, we can not allow rags like the NY Post to fan and justify this hatred. We need to call them on it and do our best to stop it.
    We need to have some self respect and not say,that they hate us and it’s our fault.