Segula Alert: 1000 Shofaros Tikun Being Blown Today At The Tziyun of Yonatan ben Uziel


s4:00 PM IL: People from all over Eretz Yisrael have arrived in Amuka at the tziyun of Yonatan ben Uziel as mekubalim are about to begin the “Tikun 1000 Shofaros” on Tu B’Shevat.

The mekubalim who are engaged in limud Torah at the tziyun year round explain that today, Tu B’Shevat, is the most powerful day for this tikun, derived from the words “Eitz HaSadeh”. The tikun is being headed by Rabbi Yechiel Abuchatzera Shlita, who has been davening for people seeking a shidduch during recent months as well as others seeking a salvation in different areas. The names of the people for whom Rav Abuchatzera has been davening were placed in a special tallis by the rav.

The rabbonim explain the shofaros result in HKBH moving from the Throne of Din to the Throne of Mercy and this tikun including tefilos and shofaros on Tu B’Shevat at this ‘eis ratzon’ will bring a salvation to many in Am Yisrael.

Rabbonim explain that Yonatan ben Uziel intervenes on this day and at this time, and all the barriers that have prevented so many from seeing their prayers answered are removed.

Rav Abuchatzera is reportedly using a special shofar dating back 200 years, a shofar that has been handed down in the Abuchatzera dynasty.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. This entire thing sounds fairly silly. It sounds like they are trying to achieve amazing results — so why didn’t the gemara tell us about this “tikkun”? Wouldn’t the mechaber also wanted us to benefit from this? Or did he not know about this? This is not what the Torah wants from us.

  2. Chossid: Is there a segulah for Shalom Bayis?

    Rav: Yes, help your wife with the dishes!

    – Rav Aviner from the Satmar Rebbe (Rav Yoel).

    So one of the wealthiest families in Israel has been taking donations from desperate Yidden for a year (the ads on this very website) so he can blow an old shofar today? This is going to bring shidduchim?! Not every single other thing that Chazal have taught us for 2,000 years?!