Feiglin to Electric Company: Annul My Bill Like You Did for Arabs


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feigThe following was released by the Manhigut Yehudit faction of Likud, headed by Deputy Knesset Speaker Moshe Feiglin.

Israel Electric Company is planning to annul a debt of 1.4 billion NIS, which it has not managed to collect from the Arabs of Yehuda, Shomron and Gaza. This is just a drop in the bucket of the overall costs to Israel of the Oslo Accords. With the insane amounts of money that we paid and continue to pay, we could have offered a very generous emigration package to the approximately 65% of the Arabs in those areas who expressed their desire to emigrate.

Approximately 65% of the Arabs of Yehuda, Shomron and Gaza are interested in emigration from Israel, while approximately 15,000 actually do so, annually. One of the major obstacles to their emigration is their inability to sell their property under the reign of horror of the terror gangs that have taken over the Arab street since the Oslo Accords. In Newspeak, the terror thugs are called the ‘Palestinian Authority’.

Several emigration destinations beckon the Arabs of Yesha and are willing to absorb them. But an Arab who sells real estate to a Jew is officially sentenced to death. The restoration of complete Israeli sovereignty in Judea, Samara and Gaza is vital. It will remove the fear and allow those interested to sell their homes and property in a quick, simple and efficient manner.

The cost of the Oslo Accords to the Israeli public, for Yehuda and Shomron (without Gaza) and for just the relative 65% of the Arabs who would like to emigrate is 423 billion shekels. That is almost half a trillion shekels(!) This is money that we have already spent, plus 15.3 billion shekels that we pay each year, with no end in sight. This year, an additional 1.4 billion shekels will be added to our expenditure on Oslo, the result of the annulment of the debt to the Electric Company.

Some of this money, invested for naught in the ‘peace process’, should instead be earmarked for encouraging Arab emigration from Israel with a generous, $500,000 package per family.

It is important to state that this money would not be an additional withdrawal from Israel’s budget. Instead, it is an open check, signed by the Oslo architects and given to the murder organization, the PLO. These funds can be used to create a conceptual change, ushering in a new process that is just, ethical and will bring true peace. For more facts and figures on the cost of the Oslo Accords, see my article.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. This information should be widespread in the national media.
    65% of the Arabs want to move out, but selling their land to the Jews is automatic death sentence.

  2. The Israeli government has a good reason to prop up the Palestinian government. It whines a lot, but while it barks, it has no bite. It is a good “satellite” (similar to the ones the old Soviet Union had).

    Feiglin is, from an Israeli perspective, a “loose canon”. He might be right on many things but to the people who run the Israeli government, he is a “pain.”

  3. @akuperma Total nonsense about the PA not having a bite! Have you forgotten that whenever the USA demands “peace talks”, the first things those PA THUGS do is demand the release of hundreds-thousand of “terrorist prisoners with blood on their hands” & the stupid Israeli gov’t goes along with that demand! Then, those PA THUGS change their mind and say that they have no “peace” to discuss with Israel and refuse to meet! Were you sleeping these past months, when this just occurred? Thus, what do we continually create? We release terrorists into our own backyards (!) because they go to Yehudah, Shomron & Gaza – back to where they came from (and there’s no law requiring released terrorists to be sent out of the “territories and/or Israel proper”… dumb that no one has thought of that, yet), those that have Israeli ID (te’udat zehut) are entitled to Bitu’ach Le’umi (finally, someone in the Knesset woke up and they are working on a bill to pass a law prohibiting released terrorists from being eligible to collect B.L. – gee, it took them more than a decade to figure that one out!). Bottom Line: The PA THUGS make the Israeli Gov’t (with the aid of the US Gov’t – let us not forget who is pushing this illogical “peace plan”… that will never come to fruition, b”H) look like fools, terrorists of the worst kind are free to continue in their old habits, they are given a hero’s welcome & parade, and all the Leftist Liberal Jews in Israel and around the world – along with all the pro-Palestinians are celebrating and cursing Israel, while Israel continues to look weak and “guilty”. Why bother arresting terrorists and jailing them, if we have to spend money on keeping them in prison until we are gonna be held up at gun point and told to release them? We should have a “take no prisoners” policy and/or capital punishment for terrorists – perhaps THAT would put an end to terrorism, or at least slow them down. But, don’t you tell us that the Israeli Gov’t is propping up Abu Mazen and that the PA THUGS are a “good satellite”! (and I’m only referring to Yehudah & Shomron… Gaza is another PA entity run by Hamas… whenever there is a demand from the USA for “peace talks”, it refers only to Abu Mazen, who “only” has control over the PA in Yehudah & Shomron – who he controls like a dictator with his American trained “militia” – who murder, as they please w/o trial! He has no real authority… The last election, the PA Arabs voted for Hamas & that’s what they got and that’s when the PA split. Abu Mazen will not step into Gaza for fear of his life. Besides, he has his own history of “blood on his hands” with the Munich Massacre of the Israeli Olympic athletes and he’s also a Holocaust denier – that’s how he got his PhD – from Russia, for his thesis!
    Feiglin is not a “loose canon”, unless you’re standing where Bibi is. Though, Bibi has learned to ignore him. It is refreshing to have someone in the Knesset who speaks the Emet and tells it like it is. Why should our enemies benefit from our hard earned money and taxes, while we pay high prices? YOU AMERICANS SHOULD BE ASKING THE SAME QUESTION, WHEN YOUR $$ GO TO THE UN & OTHER ARAB COUNTRIES!
    I have a better idea, re: the $500,000 that Feiglin wants to offer… if Israel is, already, sacrificing billion in shekalim on unpaid electric bills (honestly, I don’t understand how this is happening, since Israel collects money for the PA & has to send that money to the PA… they should deduct this amount. and how is it that they can’t collect this money from the Arab in Yehudah & Shomron? I don’t get it! Tell the USA – to hell with peace talks until $ is reimbursed to Israel… and cut the electricity to YESH & GAZA… let them hook up to Jordan for YESH and to Egypt for GAZA! enough of this kindergarten nonsense!)… let Israel offer GIGANTIC GRANTS to Jews in the Diaspora who truly wish to make Aliyah, but don’t have the means & don’t have the way to pay off debts and don’t have jobs set up… let this GIGANTIC GRANT be a wonderful gift to help them start out in a new country! It is not easy leaving and not easy arriving and settling down.
    You should have more respect for Feiglin and be more critical of the Israeli Gov’t’s stupidity!
    Shavu’a Tov.