Shin Bet Chief: “We’re Adopting A Zero-Tolerance Policy Toward Incitement”

Shin Bet chief Ronen Bar. (Shin Bet)

Shin Bet head Ronen Bar on Motzei Shabbos spoke with Police Commissioner Yaakov Shabtai about the increase in violence and incitement against elected officials in general and the Prime Minister in particular.

“An increase in the scope and severity of public statements has been identified in recent days with an emphasis on social networks which contain calls for physical harm and violent acts against Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and other elected officials,” Bar said.

“It was agreed that the law enforcement system will adopt a zero-tolerance policy toward those who incite violence or call for harm to individuals and elected officials as well as those who call for harm to protesters.”

“The right to demonstrate and protest is a legal and important right in a democratic country and at the same time it must be clarified that calls for harm and violence are outside the legitimate discourse.”

The State Attorney’s Office stated: “The State Attorney’s Office takes a serious view of the radicalization of public discourse, with the infiltration of more and more extreme and blatant statements that clearly go beyond legitimate and objective criticism and the limits of freedom of expression.

“In recent days, the State Attorney’s Office has authorized Israel Police to open an investigation in a number of cases of severe statements, which allegedly violated the crime of incitement to violence.

“The State Attorney’s Office will not hesitate to authorize criminal investigations in cases of statements that exceed the boundaries of freedom of expression, whether they were heard from a person belonging to one camp or another, and in the appropriate cases will even prosecute.”

On Thursday, Israel Police recommended to the State Attorney’s Office that a criminal investigation be launched against Adv. David Hodek, who said last week that he wouldn’t hesitate to use live fire against the government if it actualizes its plan for judicial reforms.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. The left are showing their colors

    The problem is that Bibi doesn’t know how to handle them. He has Trump syndrome, not firing the corrupt left working in high places, nor does he aggressively investigate the incitement even though everyone know if the table would be turned and it was someone from the RIGHT saying half of these words of incitement they would be in Jail

  2. Bibi is Bibi, there is nothing wrong with the PM after all he is in power, the sadness is with funding from rich men or animals like Soros and conglomerates that want more harm than good to be with Israel, I stick with G-d , he seems to know what to do and if this is part of it then the left should get down on their knees and pray

  3. Y2R, he can’t fire them, nor can he investigate them. He has no authority to do so. Not even the police minister, Ben-Gvir, can order the police to investigate them, nor can Yariv Levin order the DOJ to charge them. That is exactly why these reforms are so necessary! Israel suffered a coup, not now but 30 years ago. This is just an attempt at a counter-coup, to restore the democracy that israel lost then. And all the protesters are the ones who supported and benefited from the coup, and refuse to give up their illegitimate power.

  4. I’m literally waiting for guys like him to die from genetic experimentation so that I can go live in Yisroel in peace (without risk of being detained and tortured by guys like him).

  5. Yankele, you clearly do not understand the problem, if you think the High Court can help. The High Court is the problem. It was Chief Justice Aharon Barak y”sh who initiated the coup and who bears the main responsibility for it. It will fight tooth and nail against any reform. Because a serious reform would end with almost all the justices serving life sentences, or swinging by their heels from lampposts.