Fidelity Distributes More Than One Thousand $50 Gift Cards To Lakewood Residents


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lakewood_imageWith Pesach fast approaching, many families feel the pressure of mounting bills. Even as we race to clean our homes, stock our kitchens, and prepare our sedarim , we have a duty to ease the burden of those facing even greater demands. Community-based companies like Fidelity Payment Services embrace the opportunity to give back to the communities they serve.

In its new Kimcha D’Pischa initiative, the Fidelity team distributed $50 gift cards to many hundreds of Lakewood families with the hopes of making costly Yom Tom expenses more manageable. Over a thousand people came out to Fidelity’s Lakewood office at 1229 Madison Ave this past Sunday, April 6 to receive their cards which could be redeemed at select affiliated Lakewood merchants. Cards were dispersed to Lakewood residents using an honor system with no questions asked.


“Whether it’s groceries or new clothing for Yom Tov, we wanted to help families in the community buy whatever they needed to transform their Pesach into a true Z’man Cheirusenu,” said Yanky Weiss, CTO of Fidelity Payment Services, and a longtime resident of Lakewood. One appreciative father expressed that, “It’s always especially difficult around the Yom Tovim. At this time of year, every little bit really counts. We are very thankful of Fidelity for thinking of our kehilla and embarking on this initiative.”


Fidelity would like to thank the many local stores who agreed to participate, thereby enabling this wonderful program to come to fruition.

A credit card processing company with offices in over 22 cities across the US, Canada and the UK, Fidelity is proud to have one of its central hubs located in Lakewood, where it employs many talented people who work hard to supports their mishpachos.


Although Fidelity is internationally renowned as the cutting-edge developer and provider of electronic payment technology, the company does more than simply provide merchants with electronic payment services. It values its roots and is committed to serving as a community partner, actively searching for new ways to benefit Lakewood’s many businesses and the thousands of families these merchants serve every day.


Said Mr. Weiss, “Our commitment to supporting the communities we serve on a day-to-day basis is clearly echoed in this Kimcha D’pischa initiative. With many Lakewood families struggling to stay afloat financially as Yom Tov creeps nearer, the project could not have come at a more important time. Fidelity has tremendous Hakaras HaTov to the community of Lakewood where the vast majority of businesses are its clients. The team is committed to helping these businesses with all their payment needs.”


Many members of the Fidelity staff were on hand throughout the event, as well as community askanim to assist in the logistics of the distribution.

“At Fidelity, we’ve always got your back… in the world of payment technology and beyond” remarked Mr. Binyamin Weiser, Founder and CEO of Fidelity. “I’d like to personally wish all our clients and the many Lakewood families they service a chag kasher v’sameach,”.

To learn more about Fidelity Payment Services in Lakewood, please call 732-942-4448.