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The IDF Buys 75 Tons of Matzos for Pesach

matzahIn preparations for yomtov, the IDF has purchased 75 tons of matzos, 13,000 bottles of grape juice, 9,000 bottles of carbonated beverages, 6.5 tons of Nile perch fish, 45 tons of meats and poultry, 7.2 tons of matza meal, 2.3 tons of potato starch, 2.5 tons artichokes and 2.8 tons of mushrooms.

7.5 tons of cakes and cookies will be on hand for dessert including an array of coconut products.

Army officials report bases around the country have been kashered and soldiers can testify they have been on a matza diet for quite some time before Pesach, part of the overall effort to remove chametz from military facilities nationwide.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. And this for the very same IDF that so many here claim has the sole purpose of making young men become non-religious??


  2. Moadim Le Simcha to #2. When the brave and holy soldiers of the IDF have some spare time after performing their “sole purpose of making young men become non religious”, they also protect the lives and homes of the “bachurei yeshiva”, who can thus continue their chosen derech without any sign of Hakarat HaTov. Which group is performing the higher level of Kiddush Hashem?

  3. #4- Clearly, you misunderstood my post (maybe you are new here?). I happen to agree with you about members of the IDF being nothing but Kiddoshim. I was posing my question to the OTHER posters who frequently claim that the IDF is in business to shmad young men and women. I wanted to know why the IDF would prepare all those Pesach provisions if there were an ounce of truth to this? As you can see, they cannot answer this. THEIR claims are what make me sick. Sorry if I was not clear enough and your were unnecessarily upset.

    Moadim LeSimcha to you as well!

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