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Dentist Steps Forward as Character Witness for Rav Lupoliansky

lupThe dentist of a grandchild of Rabbi Uri Lupoliansky appeared in court on Monday, 28 Nissan 5774 to serve as a character witness for him. The Tel Aviv District Court began sentencing hearings in the case, with the prosecution seeking 5-7 years imprisonment for Ehud Olmert.

Lupoliansky, the founder of Yad Sarah and a former Jerusalem Mayor, is a co-defendant in the Holy Land case along with former PM Ehud Olmert and others.

Speaking to Justice David Rosen the doctor explained “I understand that punishment is moral and correct but if there is a person in the world entitled to mercy it is Uri Lupoliansky”.

Lupoliansky was found guilty in the case as well but unlike others who took bribery money to advance the Holyland project, Lupoliansky asked for a donation for his Yad Sarah organization and never pocketed anything for his own personal gain.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. In all fairness, there is overwhelming evidence that Rabbi Lupoliansky held public office in Israel and knowingly associated with Israeli politicians on a regular basis – all of which speak poorly of this character (even if he was doing it in an effort to help the tsibur, associating with a known group of disreptutable people is never good).

  2. #1

    That is some statement you just made. I have complete faith that Rabbi Lupoliansky has been consulting with his Rav since his earliest days as founder of Yad Sarah and that he is very righteous Jew.

    So would you say the same about all other Chareidi politicians that they are of poor character? So are the gadolim that associate with the Israeli politicians also suffer from “poor character”

    You owe an immediate retraction and apology on this website for making such a defaming comment. You should beg for mechila.

  3. I think this article does not do justice to the situation by simply saying “the dentist of a grandchild of …”

    If anyone remembers, R’ Lupoliansky had a 2 year old grandchild who was niftar either during or immediately after having a dental procedure performed – most likely by this particular dentist. This dentist is providing character witness because of how R’ Lupoliansky handled that situation at that time. Or else who would care why a dentist is coming as a character witness?

  4. I fully agree with rebbenachman’s post above. akuperma, stop pontificating! Don’t take on R’ Uri Lupoliansky. He is too big for you and your ilk.

  5. #2- I also have complete faith in Rabbi Lupoliansky. However the problem that he, and all other frum politicians have, is that they are spending their career dealing with politicians, and hanging out with such inevitably leads to problems. If you look at the charges, he could have done nothing wrong and still be guilty as an accessory or accomplice merely because he associates with the corrupt politicians. It is an inherent problem. Gedolim generally avoid dealing with politicians directly so they avoid the problem, but whomever represents us, whether in Eretz Yisrael or elsewhere, has a problem. In effect, he’s assigned to be our liasion with an inherently criminal profession. Imagine the problem if the gedolim in a city (let’s think of Brooklyn as it was 80 years ago) asked someone to be the frum community’s liasion with the “mob” – it would be hard to fill the job without breaking the law.

  6. Akuprma usually is on target but even sharp shooters miss sometimes. What is a Mayor of a city to do while running a city to avoid dealing with the politicians? That’s part and parcel of his job. To compare elected politicians to the mob of 80 years ago in NY is a non-starter.

  7. Apukerma, when Degel HaTorah wanted to put forth Rav Lupoliansky’s candidacy for mayor, Rav Lupoliansky was not interested. He preferred staying in Brisk where he was learning. He consulted his Rebbe, Rav Scheinberg zt”l, who agreed that he could do as he wished. However, when Rav Elyashiv zt”l ruled that he was essential for the post, Rav Scheinberg deferred to Rav Elyashiv and told Rav Lupoliansky that he should allow his candidacy to be put forth.

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