Sullivan County Lobbies For Two Casinos


casinoSullivan County Legislature Chairman Scott Samuelson said his county fits the bill completely for casino selection and, in fact, feels two casinos should be sited there.

Three regions in the state will be granted a total of four gaming casinos and a state selection committee will name two in one region and one in the other two areas.

Samuelson said Sullivan should get two of those facilities.

“All you do is go back and look at the legislation, the 115 pages of legislation, and the RFA, Sullivan County fits every piece of criteria within both of those documents, and to what degree it does, that’s what the siting committee is going to be looking at, but we in Sullivan, because of all of our stats, fit every single piece of criteria,” he said on Sunday.

Samuelson said if a county’s unemployment rate is to be a consideration, Sullivan County traditionally has had the highest rate in the region for years.