1848-261926In an ever increasingly digitalized world, a survey in Israel shows an increase in the number of visitors to the nation’s public libraries in 2013. The Ministry of Culture & Sport released the numbers after surveying 40 libraries as part of Reading & Literature Month. According to the ministry over one million Israelis have a library card for one of the nation’s public libraries. It also reports that on August 11, 2013, one million books were checked out from the nationwide system.

Leading the nation is Kiryat Arba, where 72% of residents use library services followed by Efrat with 69%. In the larger cities, Holon and Tel Aviv led in 2013 with 69%, and in Jerusalem the number was a mere 10%.

It appears the ministry study does not include the mobile chareidi library trucks that are commonplace in frum areas of the capital. In addition, the study only records the official state system, excluding libraries that exist in many yeshivos and private schools.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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