My Yellow Bus Day Camp is Moving to a New Location in the Heart of Flatbush


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Our reporters have gone to great lengths to give you the full rundown of this establishment, and we have interviewed  everyone – from the  founders to the pony! Here is the inside scoop of what’s happening at MYBDC:

MYBDC,  founded in the summer of 2011, has just confirmed that they will  be  moving to the  the brand new YDE 25,000 SF facilities with sprawling indoor and outdoor spaces .

“With these facilities we can finally make our dream a reality-  we can now provide even more exciting activities and programs. With 2 pools on premises and spacious grounds for the children to run around, they can truly get that big camp feel. ” says Mrs. Raizy Kempler, the new MYBDC Director.  “MYBDC has raised the bar in the day camp industry by leaps and bounds, and I am very  proud to be able to lead an organization like this. As a parent, I am excited to have my own child join MYBDC this summer season.”

Rebbetzin Leifer of MYBDC  is known and respected for her 30+ years of experience with younger children.

“Summer is a time to take a break from routine, and staying in the city doesn’t have to be hot and boring,” says Rebbetzin Leifer, founder and owner of MYBDC.   “Our goal at MYBDC, is to provide the non-stop excitement and fun for campers, with separate groups for girls and boys starting at age 5.   We are proud to say that we managed to create this unique summer camp experience right here in the heart of the city, including the fresh air and outdoor enjoyment that other kids get in the mountains.”

Geared for ages 2-9, the dedicated staff at MYBDC day camp has created the ultimate in camp experience. With small groups and extra supervision, children stay safe and do not get lost in the crowd. The campers get the full exhilarating thrill of camp while still getting the warmth and personalized attention they need.  As we tour the MYBDC campus, we  wonder if this wasn’t the original way summer vacation was intended to be spent!

MYBDC is preparing for their fourth  summer. Having  already  introduced  amazing programs and activities last year  like  woodworking, gardening, arts and crafts, music and dancing, we are wondering what else they can possibly come up with.  “We have some brand new exciting activities and events planned for this summer,” says  Mrs. Gumbo,  the program director, “The details are a secret that I can’t divulge just yet, but MYBDC  2014  will blow your mind away; just wait and see,” she says with a mischievous grin. All activities are carefully catered to age and skill levels so that every child can have a good time and excel.

They have amazed everyone with their previous lineup of  special events such as carnivals, amusement park rides, animal rides, hayrides and live performances. We can’t wait to see what else they have planned to keep the children entertained and enthusiastic throughout the summer months.

What about older campers we ask ?

They can look forward to special invigorating day trips, as well as an enjoyable learning and shiur program provided by professional experienced Rebbeim and teachers.

As we walk out of the interview, we meet one of the children who attended MYBDC last summer.  Among his other rave reviews, Daniel squeals,  “I even got to ride a pony in camp!”

His mother couldn’t be happier to have her child so enthusiastic about his activities all summer. “Not only did this camp provide a fun environment for my child and have him coming home happy every day, but they also made the camp experience easier on me!” raved Mrs. Beyda. “With nutritious and delicious breakfast, hot lunch, and snacks, the pressure of the morning rush was greatly reduced, allowing me as a  mother to enjoy summertime as well! They also offered air conditioned transportation with door-to-door service.”

“I always felt a twinge of guilt when my son came home to kvetch that all his friends were going away to the mountains. It just wasn’t in the cards for us,” One mother who wishes to remain anonymous told us, “But B”H he is now telling his friends that HE gets to go to MYBDC day camp, and he’s having more fun!” MYBDC is the perfect solution for those parents wishing to give their kids that summer getaway feel without actually having to travel to the mountains. Your child will come home exhilarated and completely satisfied with their summer of fun right here in the city.

Space is filling up fast so make sure you and your child are not left out of this euphoric experience. Call today to sign up @ 347-694-8090 or goto where staff is looking forward to give your child a summer

they won’t soon forget.


  1. I am a bit concerned as this camp has seemed to have been shut down by the Board of Health, camp keeps coming up with excuses as to when they will re-open which ultimately does not happen, meanwhile I have bored children at home and I am out the full fee I pre-paid for summer, not to mention my wife can’t go to work. The camp gives vary vague information, I drove by and there are yellow notices by the DOH posted on the building entrance stating there was no permits obtained…
    Anyone know what is going on? Any shot this camp will re-open or did we just get scammed?