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Hate Crime In Bloomingburg: Windows Of Satmar Developer Shalom Lamm’s Commercial Buildings Broken


In what developer Shalom Lamm calls “a hate crime,” the windows on three of his commercial buildings on Main Street have been shattered on four of the past six nights.

The as-yet unopened businesses – a café/pizza shop, a deli and a bakery – are among several buildings on Main Street owned by Lamm, who is building a 396-home Hasidic development and a private girls school to serve it. The project has sparked a cauldron of controversy in this eastern Sullivan County village of some 400. Several of the buildings are already occupied by Hasidim.


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  1. The local rednecks whose anti-Semitism knows no limits are trying to keep the Jews out. The local school board there, Pine Bush, is currently being investigated by the NYS Attorney General, per Gov. Cuomo’s instructions, for prevalent violent anti-Semitism against local Jewish PS students.

  2. Doc, are you serious? Why don’t you Lamm supporters get it? It isn’t that he is a Jew, it is LAMM himself people do not like. There was a hostile take over of our town. Do you read anything at all concerning our town? There has been a lot of talk that Lamm has set all these things up himself. He had someone plant those antisemitic papers in the school and have someone break his windows. Why? To gain sympathy and show what a good man he is and how we are all haters. Well maybe if the man was honest about ANYTHING, didn’t try his hardest to rig the election (being currently criminally investigated by the FBI)have a front man present his 396 satar only development as a freaking golf course and housing for the elderly, lying to the news media about living here in town for 10 years when he has a court sworn paper that he lived somewhere else 4 years ago. Allegations of huge political payoffs to the former (now ousted) town officials to sneak his things through etc etc etc it goes on and on. People like yourself LOVE playing the anti antisemitism card. This has NOTHING to do with it and it shows you in a very bad light. It is Lamm. He is a liar, bully, a thief a sneak and an underhanded thug. It is HE that is not liked, whether he was a Jew, Irishman, Dutch, African, English or Canadian. Get it now????
    Do your homework before you start calling the peaceful good people of our town names, particularly when you don’t even live here.

  3. Doc,

    Bloomingburg is not Nazi Germany in 1934. It is a small town with people who were not informed by the there local government that changes were happening in there community. There was a lot of under handed questionable practices by the towns local government officials to approve the 396 project and other projects. The people of Bloomingburg are generally good people who are hard working and are not antisemitic or racist in anyway. There just upset that there local government failed them. Do please don’t accuse them of being antisemitic. Doc calling people rednecks is a form of discrimination in case you wasn’t aware.

  4. Obviously whoever committed the vandalism should be caught and punished.

    But I am Jewish and have Satmar family (you know like White people who always say “some of my best friends are black”). And depending on the exact plans and specs, it is probably safe to say I would not want a 396 home or whatever Satmar development or bungalow colony replete with a girls school to go up in my small quiet town. Does that make me an anti-semite???

    I have no clue if antisemitism is at play here, but it greatly reduces the validity of the Anti Semite claim when it is inappropriately used as it all too often is instantly, anytime someone doesn’t want what we want, think what we think, like what we like…

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