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Help “Sensible Sukkah” Invent Revolutionary Product


The innovative “Sensible Sukkah” team is back with a groundbreaking, revolutionary product, “The Sensible Lulav Stand”!

lulav_standThe common problem of Lulavim falling -and often getting damaged in Shul, before and after their use, has finally been addressed and the enthusiastic response of consumers learning of this product proves that the frum world is ready to embrace The sensible Lulav Stand!

 The “Sensible Lulav Stand” is designed to protect your Lulav – in or out of the bag – even if you don’t have a good corner to store it in.  The patent-pending product is economical and effective and is now available exclusively via the Crowd-funding platform, Kickstarter, in a variety of styles and finishes.

 Click here to check out this remarkable product and JOIN THE CROWD! Pledge today and help protect your Lulav in time for this year Sukkos.  

 lulav standAnd of course, don’t forget  to check out the new and improved SIMPLY SENSIBLE SUKKAH with an all new design for 2014!  Easier. Stronger. Cheaper.

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