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LIVE BLOG DAY 11: Operation Protective Edge [UPDATED 8:30PM IL]


20:30: A rocket has struck a home in the Shaar Hanegev. Bichasdei Hashem, there are no injuries reported.

20:28: Two of the soldiers injured earlier in Gaza, are reportedly in serious condition.

20:25: Large rocket barrage just fired at Southern Israel. Multiple explosions heard as the iron Dome has intercepted them.

20:24: Three IDF troops have been injured at the Gaza border when an antitank missile was fired at their jeep. They have been evacuated to a hospital in unknown condition.

18:25: One person injured running for cover in Ashdod, described in light condition.

18:21: A rocket hit the home of a yard in Gan Yavne. Shrapnel struck  a nearby shul. Damage reported in both locations. B”H no fatalities or injuries at this time.

18:20: Some shrapnel from last barrage of rocket fire landed on Chazon Ish Street in Bnei Brak. No injuries being reported.

18:10: Silent radio over Shabbos:
– Gush Dan 104.3
– Central 93.3
– Jerusalem 92.8
– Ashdod 101.5
– Beer Sheva 97.0
– Chaifa 99.5
– Dead sea 95.8

18:09: At least 15 rockets just fired at Israel; Some long range. MDA reports no injuries reported.

18:07: Red alerts in Ashdod.

18:02: Red alerts in Gan yavneh, Chof Ashkelon, Yad Mordechai.

18:00: At least 4 rockets intercepted over Tel Aviv moments ago.

17:59: Red alerts in Tel Aviv, Chof Ashkelon, Kiryat Ono, Bat Yam, Holon, Petach Tikvah.

17:38: Red alerts ringing now in Yad Mordechai.

17:24: red alerts now in Chof Ashkelon and surrounding areas.

17:10: A rocket was just intercepted over Netivot by the iron Dome.

16:56: Sirens in the Eshkol Region, Ashkelon Region, Netivot, and surrounding areas.

16:54: Ynet reports PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) is meeting in Cairo with the foreign minister of France in the hope of advancing a Gaza ceasefire.

16:52: Since the night the IDF attacked 150 Gaza targets including underground launchers, tunnels, homes of terrorists and weapons manufacture locations.

16:45: PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) has arrived in Turkey to speak with the president about ending the Gaza military operation.

16:39: Sirens sounding in the Eshkol Regional Council.

16:37: Israeli human rights organizations are calling to set up an immediate mechanism to remove wounded Gazans from that area.

16:35: The main battle between the IDF and terrorists in Gaza over the past two hours has been taking place in Jabalya as the IDF tries to bring a halt to the terrorist control of the area.

16:34: Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan calls Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi “A dictator who is working with Israel against Hamas”.

16:20: Jerusalem police now reporting 12 Arabs involved in violence were arrested on Har Habayis today

16:19: The IDF has uncovered numerous tunnels, some filled with munitions.

16:12: Three rockets landed in open areas in the Eshkol and S’dot Negev Regional Council. B’chasdei Hashem no fatalities or injuries.

16:10: Arab violence in the Maale Zeitim (Ras el-Amud) area of the capital as dozens of Arab rioters hurled rocks and set tires ablaze. Police report making one arrest.

16:07: UNRWA officials report 30,000 Gazans left their homes today and are now residing in refugee centers that were established in Gaza schools by the UN affiliated organization.

16:06: Anti Israel protests taking place in Ramallah, Lebanon, Egypt, and Jordan.

16:02: The Iron Dome units have become a growing attraction as more and more Israelis wish to take a “selfie” with the Iron Dome in the background.

Citizen Eli Abarjil this morning decided to do something for Iron Dome soldiers and he set up a barbeque and is distributing hot dogs free of charge to Iron Dome teams until Shabbos.

 16:00: Another round of rocket fire directed at the Eshkol Regional Council minutes ago. Rockets landed in open areas.

15:59: Paratroopers operating in Gaza shot and wounded a terrorist. There were no injuries to the IDF force. The terrorist was then treated and transported by an IDF paramedic unit and is now being treated in Soroka Medical Center in Beersheva.

15:35: Balad, the Arab Democratic Party in Knesset is planning a major protest in the Nachal I’ron (Wadi Ara) area on Shabbos against Operation Protective Edge. Police intelligence officials warn of plans for widespread violence. Israel Police fears widespread Arab violence both inside the Green Line and in PA (Palestinian Authority) areas.

15:32: Over 70 rockets fired from Gaza in the past 24 hours.

15:26: Police arrest 7 Arab suspects involved in riots on Har Habayis after Friday prayers.

15:20: Sirens in the Eshkol Region once again.

15:12: Sirens once again in the Eshkol Region.

15:11: B’chasdei Hashem, tanks operating in southern Gaza detected two terrorists about to fire anti-tank rockets. The tank crew preempted, striking the terrorists.

15:10: Police Chief Yochanan Danino announced the department will not tolerate violence, rioting, stone-throwing or any attempt to block roads as part of protests.

14:44: Sirens in the Eshkol Regional Council.

14:31: Sirens sounding in the Eshkol Regional Council.

14:27: MK Dov Lipman on erev Shabbos distributed ice cream to soldiers in southern Israel.

14:22: Four rockets were fired at Beersheva. Three intercepted by the Iron Dome and the last landed in an open area.

14:14: Police spokesman reports stones thrown at police at the Mughrabi Gate to Har Habayis by Arab rioters. Police instructed to move in and disperse the rioters.

  • Sirens sounding in Beersheva and the surrounding areas as well as in the Negev district.

13:52: Police Chief Yochanan Danino just completed an assessment pertaining to Har Habayis. During that assessment concerns were raised over rioting and violence among both Israeli and PA (Palestinian Authority) Arabs. Police are on alert, fearing the violence may spread on Shabbos. Police expect violence in the Nachal I’ron (Wadi Ara) area on Shabbos.

13:48: Sirens in the Ashkelon industrial area, Zikim and Karmiya.


  • Since last night in Gaza, we have engaged and killed 17 terrorists.
  • 13 other terrorists surrendered to us and were taken for questioning.
  • We have also targeted 21 rocket launchers & 4 tunnels.
  • Our forces are continuing to operate with precision in order to achieve their goals.

 12:56: Haaretz diplomatic correspondent David Ravid reports Israel decides to evacuate families of diplomats in Turkey after violent demonstrations next to the embassy in Ankara and the consulate in Istanbul. Read the complete story.

12:49: Channel 2 reports 27 dead in Gaza since ground operation began.

  • 3 children are among the dead, apparently siblings.
  • Many areas of Gaza are without water and electricity.
  • Many residents of Gaza City left, preferring to head to W. Gaza to escape IDF soldiers.
  • Many Gazans accuse PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) of being a traitor against the residents of Gaza.
  • Hamas leaders remain underground in bunkers, none having been hit in the operation.

12:48: Sirens in the Eshkol Regional Council, Zikim and the Ashkelon area.

  • In Ashdod today, 5 of 8 rockets fired at the city in two attacks were intercepted by the Iron Dome.
  • There are reports of damage from shrapnel falling from the sky.
  • B”H no injuries.

12:40: Shimon Buskila, who runs a barber shop in Sderot, announces that any soldier coming to his store will receive a free haircut for he feels this is the least he can do.

Speaking to Channel 2 he added “I ask mechila from all of the parents and spouse of the soldiers for we in Sderot cannot take it anymore and the time is overdo to stop Hamas and the rocket fire. It is our prayer they will all return safely. Please do not be angry with us”.

12:38: The levaya for IDF Sergeant Eitan Barak HY”D, who fell in the Gaza operation, will take place on Sunday, 22 Tammuz at 17:00 in the Old Herzliya Beit Chaim.

12:27: Sirens sounding in Ofakim, Chatzeirim, Peduim, Ra’anan and other areas.

11:52: IDF Chief of Staff Gantz addresses the nation:

  • The mission is moving ahead well.
  • The operation is complex but we know what it takes.
  • Even if painful things occur, our determination will not be diminished.

11:51: DM Ya’alon addresses the nation:

  • Hamas will pay a heavy price far exceeding that which has occurred to date.
  • There will not be any compromise regarding the security of citizens of Israel.
  • Anyone attempting to disrupt our lives is responsible for his own bloodshed.
  • Anyone acting against the State of Israel, we will strike him severely.
  • Operation Protective Edge is a necessity.

11:50: PM Netanyahu addresses the nation:

  • We operate only against terrorist targets in Gaza and regret any unintentional civilian casualties.
  • There are many in the international community who understand that Hamas and only Hamas is responsible for the escalation.
  • We are preparing to expand the ground operation.

11:48: PA (Palestinian Authority) sources reporting Hamas leader Khalid Meshal did not arrive in Cairo for continued ceasefire talks.

11:05: Sirens sounding once again in the Eshkol Regional Council.

11:04: Sirens sounding once again in the Eshkol Regional Council.

11:03: Since the start of operation over 260 people have been treated in Soroka Medical Hospital in Beersheva. 14 are currently admitted.

10:57: Sirens in Ashkelon and the industrial area as well as surrounding communities.

10:48: Sirens sounding once again in the Eshkol Regional Council.

10:43: Ynet quoting Gazan sources reports the IDF is bombing the building that houses foreign news agencies.

  • The IDF force entered southern, central and northern Gaza and is setting bases on the periphery to operate in those areas.
  • Soldiers are not entering urban areas.
  • Once in place, the work will continue to locate and destroy tunnels and rocket storage facilities and launchers.
  • It is explained that great effort is being taken to prevent the kidnapping of soldiers by terrorists and keep the forces safe for once they stop moving the situation becomes far more dangerous, making them more susceptible to bomb, sniper and other attacks.

10:38: The prime minister is expected to make a statement to the nation at 11:00. The cabinet will convene at 11:30 at which time ministers will be briefed on the ongoing military operation.

10:29: Many Gaza residents are reportedly without running water.

  • Channel 2 reports that on Thursday afternoon most of the 200,000 residents of northern Gaza had not evacuated their homes.

10:26: IDF soldiers in Gaza now working to detonated   two tunnels. There is occasional RPG and sniper fire directed at them.

10:23: Sirens once again in the Eshkol Regional Council communities including Sderot.

10:10: No injuries or fatalities being reported in the last wave of rocket fire. Seven rockets were intercepted by the Iron Dome.

10:06: Sirens sounding in Nitzanim, Nitzan, Nitzan Bet, Emunim, Beit Ezra, Givati, Ezer, and other areas in the Ashdod and Ashkelon districts.

09:17: Police: Heightened security in old city, Jerusalem. Extra police units in area to prevent disturbances. Only men over age 50 permitted on Har Habayis.

09:03: Gaza reports 23 dead since ground operation

  • 4 soldiers wounded in Gaza, 1 moderate & 3 light
  • 1 person was injured running four shelter in the last Beersheva siren

08:44: Sirens in Eshkol Council. Earlier, sirens also sounded in the Matte Yehuda Regional Council near Beit Shemesh.

08:42: Muslim violence was already reported earlier on Har Habayis compelling police to use riot control methods to restore order. No injuries are being reported.

08:32: Two rockets exploded in the Dimona area.

08:27: Major barrage of rocket fire to the entire Ashdod and Ashkelon districts.

 08:10: The IDF Spokesman reports “about 50 rockets have been fired from Gaza since last night of which 25 hit Israel and 20 were intercepted by the Iron Dome.

08:08: Sirens sounding in the Ashkelon, Negev and Beersheva districts.

07:55: BD”E: It has been confirmed that an IDF soldier fell in the line of duty in Gaza during the night HY”D. Read the entire article.

07:20: The Homefront Command continues to release messages urging residents to remain vigilant as rocket fire into the homefront is expected to escalate before it is brought under control.

  • Hamas reports heavy exchanges of gunfire with IDF soldiers in the Beit Hanoun area of northern Gaza.
  • Channel 2 reports 10 Gazans killed as of the morning, most in southern Gaza.

07:18: B’chasdei Hashem it is reported that IDF soldiers are facing minimal resistance. Channel 2 correspondent on the Gaza border Nir Dvori feels Hamas was taken by surprise regarding the size of the force.

07:17: Sirens sounding in Yad Mordechai and Netiv HaAsarah.

07:13: Two rockets exploded in the Eshkol Regional Council during the night. B’chasdei Hashem there are no injuries or fatalities.

07:12: IDF Spokesman Brig.-Gen. Moti Almoz:

  • The operation continues.
  • A large force is operating in Gaza.
  • Today is the first morning soldiers are operating in Gaza.
  • There were a few confrontations during the night.
  • Soldiers are beginning to address weapons storage facilities and tunnels.
  • We will use whatever size force that is needed to get the job done.
  • Hamas is frustrated with Israel’s defense capabilities, shocked how the rocket attacks in recent weeks have been by and large intercepted.
  • Soldiers have been practicing and stand prepared for every eventuality, including attempts to kidnap them from inside Gaza.

  • We too are davening for the success of the operation and safety of the soldiers to permit a restoration of quiet and normal life in southern Gaza.

07:08: Dozens of right-wing activists on Thursday night confronted the left-wingers taking part in a protest at Rabin Square calling on the government not to attack Gaza, citing the moral atrocities associated with such a move. The right-wingers called them traitors for holding such an event at a time the nation is at war and millions are sitting in bomb shelters.

07:03: IDF ground forces operating in areas throughout Gaza, each with a specific mission for that area.

07:01: Gaza – four dead from IDF tank fire.

06:57: 18,000 IDF reservists are being called up in the coming days.

06:56: Heavy exchanges of gunfire between IDF soldiers and terrorists in southern Gaza.

06:52: Two IDF soldiers sustained light injuries in Gaza fighting during the night.

06:50: The IDF is dropping leaflets for southern Gazan residents, instructing them to evacuate the area. This includes Tel Sultan and Rafil.

06:38: Sirens sounding in Bnei Netzarim, Shlumit, Avshalom, Dekel, Yivul, Yated, Pri Gan, S’dei Avraham, Telmei Yosef, Chulit, Nir Yitzchak and Sufah (Eshkol Regional Council communities).

06:27: Ynet reports Gaza death toll from Operation Protective Edge stands at 248 and 1,920 injured.

06:14: Major IAF bombardment over Khan Yunis.

 06:05: Sirens sounding in Gaza border communities.

06:01: There are reports of  military censorship regarding an incident that occurred in Gaza overnight involving IDF & Hamas. Details soon. 

5:23: This afternoon the Secretary spoke with Prime Minister Netanyahu, who described the terrorist attack this morning near Kibbutz Sufa, and the imminent threat to Israeli civilians posed by Hamas tunnels from the Gaza Strip.

The Prime Minister explained his decision to launch an operation to target the threat of further terrorist infiltration through tunnels into Israel.

The Secretary reaffirmed our strong support for Israel’s right to defend itself against terrorist threats emanating from tunnels into Israel and expressed our view that this should be a precise operation to target tunnels, as described in a statement from the Israeli Defense Forces.

04:39: Code Red Sirens in Nativ Asara, & Zikim.

04:30: Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is set to visit Turkey Friday, followed by stops in Bahrain and Qatar, as he attempts to find a path to a Gaza ceasefire.

04:18: 7 Palestinians have been killed so far since IDF started the ground operation in Gaza..

 03:23: IDF officer tells YWN that for now the Israel ground operation will limit itself to eastern corridor, will focus on routing out tunnels.

03:05: IDF blows up the home of senior Islamic Jihad member, Abdullah Sami.

03:00: Hamas radio & eyewitnesses confirm fighting against Israel Special Forces near Beit Lahiya & Khan Younis

02:15: Red alerts in Netivot and Sdot Negev.

02:05: Red alerts ringing in Yad Mordechai and surrounding areas.

02:00: A spokesperson for UNRAWA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency) tweets that he has lost all communication with other UN members in Gaza.

Read more: Israel’s Gaza ground offensive gathers pace as conflict with Hamas goes into Day 11 | The Times of Israel
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01:52: Red alerts ringing in Ashdod, Gan Yavne and surrounding area. Reports of two rockets intercepted.

01:16: At least four rockets were just intercepted over Ofakim.

01:00: Red alerts in Beersheva.

00:06: Minister Naftali Bennett tells Channel 10 the decision to enter with ground forces was made with a “heavy heart” but the cabinet realized there was no other alternative.

Bennett explains one focus of the operation is to address the vast tunnel network.

“We can expect difficult days. The decision was a difficult one to protect Am Yisrael but nonetheless a complicated operation… We are also operating against the rockets but the tunnels are the main focus at this point”.

00:05: The IDF has bombed the missile storage facility next to Wafa Hospital leading to explosions that have caused damage to the hospital.

Hamas leaders are believed to be holed up in a large underground bunker under Sheba Hospital.

00:04: IDF Spokesman Brig.-Gen. Moti Almoz explains the second phase of the operation is underway. IDF forces, a large ground force supported by a massive IAF and naval force, are working against tunnels and the terrorist infrastructure. I cannot reveal details of the operation as we are concerned for the well being of our forces. All officers on all levels approved the plan and everything possible was done to bring the troops to a state of preparedness for this moment.

Explosions continue at Wafa Hospital – apparently the rockets that were stored there causing secondary and tertiary blasts.

00:03: Since the start of the operation more than 1497 rocket have been launched at Israel. 1093 of those rockets hit Israel. Approximately 301 rockets were intercepted by the Iron Dome missile defense system. The IDF has targeted over 2,037 terror targets, with both naval and aerial capabilities.

00:01: IDF forces began a ground incursion into Gaza around 10:30PM on Thursday night. Israel had reportedly warned Hamas of a ground incursion if the rockets would not stop being fired into Israel. The IDF Spokesman said the operation “will be expanded for as long as it’s necessary, in accordance with situation assessments.”

UPDATE: 12:00AM IL: With the clock striking midnight on Thursday evening / Friday morning, Israel has now entered “Day 11 of Operation Protective Edge”. Stay with YWN as we continue our non-stop 24 hour news coverage – updated just seconds after an event occurs.











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  1. To our soldiers, whether they are in the air, on the ground, or at sea, G-Ds speed and we pray for your safe return home.

  2. There is nothing sensible left for the Israelis to do except follow the classic warfare example of the British in February 1945 in Dresden: bomb the place out of existence. Between the 13th to 14th February 1945, the British relentlessly bombed and bombed and bombed, and then some more, without regard for how many of the enemy got killed.

    The Israelis have no option now but to to finish off the job. The world see that very clearly. The Arabs see that very clearly. Hamas has been abandoned by Egypt and the PA. If sweeping Gaza clean of the Hamas terrorists involves mass destruction and mass casualties among those who started the war, so be it. Wasn’t that the approach the British took during the Second World War? Actually, didn’t Air Marshal Arthur “Bomber” Harris, the esteemed and highly decorated head of British Bomber Command hold the view that any area that had anything to do with the enemy war machine was a legitimate target? In the 1930s Harris said “The only thing the Arab understands is the heavy hand.” That is the message the Israeli leadership needs to see in front of its eyes at all times.

  3. British have never cared very much about peoples lives. Look at what they did to all their serfs… We should be better than that. We should go according to halacha though and not have pity on cruel people. Israel should kill every last terrorist without thinking once. Terrorist sympathizers should be treated as terrorists.

  4. FOR ISRAELI SOLDIERS (May Hashem keep you safe)

    My dear brothers, words can’t say
    How proud we’re of you today
    You’re very courageous, good and strong
    Taking up the cause to right the wrongs
    The world has caused for far too long
    We watch you go so far away
    We’re scared for you, but we will pray
    We know that G-D will watch for you
    To keep you safe and guide you through
    This very special work you do
    When we think of you we’re filled with pride
    We’ll wipe the tears that we have cried
    We know you’re doing what is right
    And we’re behind you in your fight
    Think of us, we’ll be your light.
    Let’s hope these days will bring good news,
    We care for you, you’re bravest Jews!
    We wish all enemies will die
    And we say Am YIsroel Chai!!

  5. 13:52: Police Chief Yochanan Danino just completed an assessment pertaining to Har Habayis.

    Why is that criminal, Danino, making any statements? That bum should be in prison awaiting his trial for the murder of the 3 Israeli boys! It was HIS incompetence & negligence that caused the murderers to STILL be on the lose after all this time!

  6. 14:27: MK Dov Lipman on erev Shabbos distributed ice cream to soldiers in southern Israel.

    Wow, this man (who never served in the IDF) is mamesh a Tzaddik! Such an Askan! In his pea brain, ice cream is more important than Kavod Hatorah!

  7. to # 15

    First of all how you know what size of brain does Mk Lipman have? Have you met him? Does anyone measure your size of brain so you can be such expert on who has more brains? Btw, when RoshHashana comes, don’t forget to call him and ask him for a mechila unless you got heter from your Rabbi to insult other fellow Jews (or maybe he is not Jewish enough in your eyes)

    Believe or not, I’m sure the ice cream he delivered to soldiers on hot day to a dangerous area, made them feel good, and he made a biggest Kiddush Hashem than you probably would do in your life. Since most of soldiers are probably not too observant, they would appreciate ice cream more than Parshah class. Next time your child asks you for ice cream, keep in mind Kavod Hatorah is more important than ice cream.

    It’s people like him and that religious man who was killed by rocket when distributing water early in the week will bring closer to Judaism non frum people. While he may be doing it to promote his name as well, I’m sure part of it still Ahavas Yisroel and for those soldiers it means a lot.

  8. project inspire started a project l’iui nishmas eyal, gilad and naftali – those who subscribe get a daily email about ahavas yisrael. a few days ago the vort was not to judge other people. please not let us fall into the abyss of judging other people at this critical point in time. Hashem treats us the way we treat others. is there anyone who can say that they have no faults? do we want Hashem to punish us for our faults? if not, then we need to be careful not to look for faults in others, but to look for the positive in our fellow Jews. then Hashem will look for our positive in us, and treat us with rachamim instead of din.

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