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Another Soldier Falls in Gaza Fighting

candle914It is permitted to report that IDF reserve duty soldier First Sgt. Yair Ashkenazi was killed during the predawn hours of erev Shabbos in northern Gaza.

The 36-year-old reservist, from Rehovot was the Base 1 Reserve Battalion.

The levaya will take place at 16:00 in the Rehovot military cemetery.

Sgt. Ashkenazi is survived by his wife and three children. Initial reports indicate he was killed by mistaken IDF fire. He is the 33rd IDF fatality in Operation Protective Edge and the fifth killed by mistaken fire.


(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. Overall great reporting up to this point.
    What exactly did you hope to accomplish by stating that “Initial reports indicate he was killed by mistaken IDF fire” ? You even went on to state, “the fifth killed by mistaken fire”. Initial reports are just that; initial reports.
    Did you hope to cheer up the family or boost the morale of the IDF forces ? This unconfirmed (even if confirmed)information serves NO purpose.
    This is the only news service that has reported anything about the possibility of soldiers being killed by “friendly fire”. PURE LASHON HARA !!!
    You’d think the “Yeshiva World New”, would know better; or at least the editorial staff would.
    As stated in Arutz 7, He was killed early Friday morning while fighting terror in northern Gaza. End of story.

  2. Man up and post the previous comment. You might gain more respect by owning up to a possible mistake in unnecessary reporting.

    Moderator Response: Ok. Hold on….Ok. We mand-up.

  3. To those who say it is disproportionate how many Palestinians have been killed compared to how many Israelis have been killed: Is it proportionate how the Israelis protect their civilians (bomb shelters, sirens, iron dome) and how Hamas protects its civilians? (using them as human shields)
    Is it proportionate how Hamas warns Israelis of oncoming attacks (rockets, tunnels, sea, disguised as IDF) vs the way Israelis warn Hamas of oncoming attacks (leaflets, phone calls)
    Is it proportionate how Hamas targets civilians and how Israelis do?
    Is it proportionate how many rockets Hamas has deliberately fired at Israeli civilians and many the Israelis have deliberately fired at Palestinian civilians?
    Is it proportionate how many Israelis are targeted intentionally and within reach of enemy fire (4 million) by Hamas and how many Palestinians are fired at by Israelis?
    And what kind of number of casualties would you project if NO sirens, NO shelters and NO Iron Dome to intercept over 500 rockets headed towards population centers?
    And much higher would that number be if the Israelis had their civilians placed directly where their radar projected the rockets to hit?
    Well take that number and take the amount of civilians – many of them forced to die by Hamas and compare those numbers.
    Would they be proportionate?
    If you just think its disproportionate based on actual numbers, you are either an anti-semite, a socialist, a fanatic or a fool.

  4. @bronx22….please take your poor attitude somewhere else…nobody needs your degrading comments and nobody cares what you think…your just another person hiding behind religion to make your comments…lashon harah!!??really???Learn some halachas

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